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[Archived] It Never Rains........


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Not after the Wigan debacle. We needed a good performance and we got the opposite.

Still think I can hold my head high and say I didn't judge before a ball was kicked. I do think he will be managing in the prem in a few years.

I don't think he'll ever be good enough to be a Premier League manager. He fails in every regard but most importantly he doesn't have the right personality to be a successful manager. Tactically he's awful but people can learn (even though his ineptitude in this regard is staggering even for a inexperienced man), but personal attributes are much harder to change. His comments after each match, his latest comments about "everyone expects us to go down" and about people being out to get him are utterly baffling. If this is what he says to the press then god knows what he'll say to the players.

If he ever successfully manages a Premier League team I'll eat my hat.

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Which his experience in the lower leagues proved. You just disliked him and wanted him out straight away. Even though I dislike Allardyce I will give him my support should he get the job.

Sorry but his experience in the lower leagues proves very little at Premier League level. And people only really started to question Ince once he brought in Fowler, Andrews and didn't sign a Bentley replacement.

Allardyce is completely different. He's consistently achieved at our level.

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