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[Archived] Gerrard Cleared Of Affray

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You said you believe he didn't do any wrong. Are you telling me you haven't watched the CCTV?

We're all only human. We've all been called names or been told things we don't want to hear. And some of us have probably had a few tinnies down the old neck when that's happened - should we all react violently?

Give and take. Demand a high salary? Become high profile? Act 'human'? Not in this world - whether you agree with it or not.

If I got £140,000 a WEEK I'd makes SURE I wasn't going to compromise that by never being in a position to get involved in something idiotic.

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Re: Gerrard, i'm surprised he didn't get an censure by the court as he was clearly caught landing three punches on the victim. Whats the deal with that

Re crime today: I live in London and have done for two years, and I don't get the sense that crime has really increased, even violent assault. The picture I read in the newspapers of a sort of apocalyptic hell of youth violence is utterly different to my experience. I have been out in hackney (lived here also), Islington (lived here also), Queens Park, Camden, Central London, Finsbury Park.

If we want to get into Bryan's straw polls I have seen one fight in two years. Only one of my friends (about 40 people or so at least) have been robbed or assaulted. The one who did it seems it was either going to be a rape or a robbery but she kicked off the guy and ran away. This is heineous of course, and I hope the @#/? goes to jail, but one incident amongst 40 people in two years is not indicative of the kind of coverage we see in the papers.

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I can understand anyone's frustration but I should be the frustrated one with what happened to me.

I was arrested on suspicion of affray when I was 17 but later got charged with common assault, what I believe was self defence. It didn't help with the amount of alcohol I consumed and I could barely remember anything until people reminded me what happened the next day. The witnesses at the scene lied saying I punched this girls Mum whereas from what I remember I pushed her in the chest as she had hold of me and wouldn't let me go, I remember saying I just want to go home and she said you're not going home so I lashed out in anger rightly so imo. All she wanted to know was why some man grabbed her daughter. :rolleyes:

I didn't really have a choice I had to plead guilty because if I'd pleaded not guilty and they found me guilty I wouldn't have been able to afford the court costs, in a way I was lucky because I was fined £90. A miscarriage of justice is what I believe because I was assaulted myself after I pushed this women, her daughter battered my head against a door which probably explains why I couldn't remember much the next day and woke up in the Police cell with bumps on my head, an off-duty DC witnessed it apparently so I didn't have a leg to stand on, funny how he just let someone else assault me.

To a certain extent I was the innocent one, I quickly learnt from my mistake, now I don't drink but I have to live with a criminal record for however long it maybe, which would hinder my chances of working with young children and vulnerable adults if I even had a chance. I'm not writing this for a sympathy vote, I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me, I just learnt the hard way and wanted to tell my story from my point of view. These things happen though and you just have to live with it but it doesn't make me angry because Gerrard got off and I didn't. I personally think he was guilty of assault but not affray so he was right to plead not guilty. Blame the Police or whoever because he should have been charged with ABH, he even admitted it in court and got away with it but that's life, you win some, you lose some. <_<

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