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  1. He could certainly point things out Ah, Tyrone beat me to it 🙂
  2. The only striker I've seen that makes his runs sideways or backwards
  3. Decided to give this a watch. We are awful, playing like a bunch of strangers. We've even one player that, at times, looks like he's never played the game before.
  4. This manager has killed my interest in football. We've had bad managers before but never had to suffer them season after season after season.
  5. You can say that again. Am I surprised by another sh.t show. Not at all.
  6. First time I've seen them in fifteen months, different players but it's exactly the same. Very, very poor.
  7. The text in red are lines added to the email I received two weeks ago, the rest is almost the same.
  8. I don't think anyone will be given a refund once they have activated their ifollow account
  9. I asked ' How do I claim a refund for my ST and car park pass' Waiting for a reply from the ticket office
  10. Well I'll be watching it and I'm sure I'll enjoy it. It's a drama not a documentary.
  11. "All 24 second-tier clubs held a video conference on Tuesday. It followed a similar meeting on Monday when the current top six-placed clubs agreed in their desire to play remaining fixtures, a view supported by at least three other clubs". I wonder if the other three clubs are those in the relegation places. So only 9 clubs from 24 voted to finish the season, I'm glad my club appears to have put the health of it's supporters, players and staff before any financial thoughts.
  12. Had a great chance with the last kick and just missed........................the corner flag
  13. No, just Mowbray, his team selections and tactics
  14. Just seem to hit a brick wall whenever we get near a play off spot
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