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[Archived] Is Thatcher A Rover?

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Some posts are a bit out of order here. I am not a fan of Gordon Brown who has brought our country to its knees but I would not speak of him in the way some of you do of Margaret Thatcher.

Selective memories methinks.

Nothing wrong with my memory. The people of this area ( East Lancashire) in particular are still paying the price of her divisive, self centred and selfish politics. It's time she was consigned to the dustbin of history

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Those who make joy at Maggie's Alzheimers are wide of the mark. It is her family who will be suffering as she is completely oblivious of her condition. She is in no position to repent here ways now as she has no memory of anything.

Also, after Condeleezas visit, Jack Straw lost the Foreign Secretarys job. Word was that Condeleeza noticed how many moslems are in blackburn and felt that jack was not as strong as she would like in the "war against terror". a few words in George W's ear and Jack had a new job as Justice Secretary..

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