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[Archived] Snooker To Revamped

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Barry Hearn is ready to be a ruthless leader and bring in sweeping changes when he takes over as the most powerful man in snooker.

Hearn is poised to be named chairman of the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association, after Sir Rodney Walker was ousted from the role.

The Essex-born promoter, who formed the Matchroom stable of top players in the 1980s before enjoying huge success in boxing, insists he will not be afraid to make big decisions to raise the sport from its current doldrums.

Hearn did bring darts back to the big time with the PDC, can he do the same for snooker, will we have walk on music for the players as the make there way down the steps with a dolly bird next to them and will Sky snap up some of the tournaments from the BBC.

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And before any smart arse points it out yes I know I have missed the word "be" out of the title of the topic, it's late ok :D

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We watched two nights of it & enjoyed the light-heartedness of the games. The crowd certainly got involved too. They were quite boisterous at times & the players seemed to warm to it. The main difference it being noisey whilst the players took their shots....for example whilst Mark Selby was at the table, one wise-guy quipped "He`s past his Selby date!" in a broad Lancashire accent. The place erupted into laughter, even the players. John Higgins got some light-hearted digs about his ban too.

Not sure if it will take off & be as big as the 'real' game, but it`s certainly enjoyed by both players & fans.

If anything, the paying customer gets the chance to see nearly all the worlds top players (& some older legends) playing for the one entrance fee.


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