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[Archived] FIFA 11 - Blackburn Fans league - PS3

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Post your interest in here, along with Username.

We will agree rules later - probably rule out all 5 star teams to make it more about skill that just using Cristiano Ronaldo.

If there isnt much interest on here then il post on the rovers fans facebook pages for more.

League wont start for a couple of weeks, give people a chance to get up to speed with the new version.

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It says my DNF is too high to join? :rock:

I've not even quit any games, i seriously never quit.. at all, think i must of quit about 5 the whole time i had FIFA 10. My 9 year old brother went on it the other day, only played a few though, but i suppose even if he's quit one or 2.. it'll be big as i've only played about 5 or 6 games online so far anyway. Made the little ###### his own account anyway, so when i'm out no one can get on mine :lol::angry2:

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Ok sent out friend requests to those who still havent joined.

5 teams taken so far....Tottenham, Villa, Arsenal, Inter Milan, AC Milan

Still some VERY good teams to choose...Juve, City, Liverpool, Bayern (All German teams), All French teams, Valencia, Seville, Atletico etc

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We are up to 9 now - if you have any rovers supporting mates get them involved too.

Hopefully the few who wanted to join earlier will now join up too!!

Got a 32 team league going too on EA forums - currently got 25 teams in that one.

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