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[Archived] Help with my degree

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Hello all, I would be hugely grateful if you could fill in my short survey on the topic of animal welfare in slaughterhouses, particularly ritually slaughtered animals. This will form some part of my final honors project for my degree in Animal Science and Welfare. It's extremely short and won't take more than 2 mins

My survey

Thank you in advance, I really appreciate any responses I get.

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I'm sure you have been given advice on how to write your dissertation and having finished mine last year i'd just make sure that you write it in the correct way. A lot of people I know did not and lost many marks because of it.

A few tips from me:

1. listen to your tutor (sounds obvious but many dont) they will be marking it so know what they are talking about.

2. Write everything as if you have done it already and are justifying it - especially when it comes to the methodology part. Don't use " i will be using an online questionnaire" but " By using an online questionnaire this allowed the researcher to target a wider audience" etc.

3. Justify everything - The online questionnaire allowed a simple yet effective sample size to be reached with the limited funds that were available at the time. As the research had a strict deadline only 3 one to one interviews were conducted.A stratified sample was used compared to a random sample with the interviews to gain a wider picture, a random sample may have caused the three interviewees to be of similar nature from my available sample selection. A semi structured interview process was used (Kumar 2005) allowing the interviewee to express their opinions more.

4. make sure information is up to date, try to use sources within the last few years, however if you find something form (say) 1963, compare it to beliefs of today and if theory has changed.

You could even put in that by using a forum unrelated to animal welfare, you aimed to use social media outlets as a source of information finding. The general users of the board have one thing in common BRFC, therefore there is likely to be a larger spread of diversification between sex, race, age, beliefs etc backed up by new research in the field of social networking.

Hope this may be of some help.

good luck.

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Thanks for the responses guys, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it, it's been a slog trying to get complete strangers to fill in a survey on this sort of subject, especially those that view it as an attack on religion which it really isn't!

And thanks for the tips, I especially like that bit about choosing this forum as one of my outlets for the survey (to be honest I was just desperate for responses but that's a great justification haha!)

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