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(RB) Emmanuel Eboué


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Things looking more positive this morning. Mrs D has knocked the heads of the advisors. Hopefuully this is the end of the disagreements and things can start to move forward.

Rovers also braced for a bit from Samba from Arsenal, initially offer likely to be player (bendtner or eboue) plus cash.

Cheers Kamy, feel a tad better now, lets hope this new sense of clarity brings some bids along with it.

I actually rate Eboue, he is daft at times but is a good strong player, plus I'd finally have an excuse to buy one of these:


Bednter I'm not a big fan of really but he is an improvement on what we have I suppose.

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Blackburn Rovers keen on Arsenal utility defender

Blackburn Rovers are keen on Arsenal’s utility defender Emmanuel Eboue and will this week make enquiries into the availability of the experienced 28 year old.

Eboue was left behind for Arsenal’s pre-season visit to Germany with many suggesting the Ivorian could be on his way out, whilst the reasons behind Eboue being left behind are unclear to us at this stage, it has been reported that Turkish side Galatasaray have tabled a £4m offer for him.

With Blackburn currently playing the patient game where transfers are concerned, they shall look to add Premiership experience where possible. Should Wenger wish to sell his utility defender then the most he could be looking at would be £5m should a bidding war between Blackburn Rovers and Galatasaray ensue.

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Eboue would be a good player for our team-versitile, and pretty good. Not up to a CL team standard, but then when would that be a concern here?

In about 2 years or so?

He will do until then.

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