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[Archived] Rovers Squad

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No. Position Player Value Options PREMIERSHIP PLAYER

1 GK Robinson £5m Keep YES

2 DF Salgado FREE Sell - liability NO

3 DF Martin Olsson £1.5m Keep - squad player YES

4 DF Christopher Samba £10m keep first team YES

5 DF Gaël Givet £2m Keep but not good enough JUST

6 DF Ryan Nelsen £1m Keep - possible management JUST

8 MF David Dunn £1m Keep - pointless selling - talisman for club YES

10 MF Mauro Formica £1.5m Keep - may improve NO

11 MF Vince Grella £1m Sell - liability - not good enough NO

12 MF Morten Gamst Pedersen £3m Keep - good work rate, can add quality YES

13 GK Mark Bunn £0.5m keep good YES

14 MF Radosav Petrović £1.5m Sell - no ability NO

15 MF Steven N'Zonzi £3m Keep - squad player JUST

16 DF Scott Dann £5m Keep good defender YES

19 FW Jordan Slew £0.5m Keep - Sheff U fans say not good enough NO

20 FW Rubén Rochina £1m Keep Squad player JUST

22 FW Nick Blackman £1m Sell - No ability NO

23 MF David Hoilett £8m Keep first team YES

24 FW Yakubu £1m Keep JUST

25 FW David Goodwillie £2.5m Keep UNKNOWN

29 MF Simon Vukčević £3m Keep Unknown UNKNOWN

30 FW Jason Roberts £1m Sell - useless NO

31 DF Grant Hanley £0.5m Keep squad player NO

32 DF Bruno Ribeiro £1m Keep - untested outside brazil UNKNOWN

33 DF Josh Morris £0.5m Keep for another season NO

35 MF Jason Lowe £0.5 Keep NO

37 FW Zac Aley £0.5m Keep NO

38 DF Myles Anderson £Free Keep for a few games UNKNOWN

39 DF Adam Henley £free Keep NO

On Premiership Players the questions was "If the first team was made up of 11 of his quality/ability right now, would we stay up?"

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The problem of having Kean as a Manager is that we have no idea whether players are really Premier League quality or not as his management of the squad and team/sub selection is so poor.

That said, there are serious red lights flashing over most of Kean's signings.

The sooner he is gone, the sooner they should have a Premier League manager to guide and help them into playing well. If he stays much longer, all the players will begin to believe they are sub-standard rubbish.

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Great thread I like this sort of stuff.

The valuations are just about right few off.

October 2011

1 GK Robinson £7m

3 Martin Olsson £5m

2 DF Salgado FREE

4 DF Christopher Samba £10m

5 DF Dann 5m

12 Morten Gamst Pedersen £2m

14 MF Radosav Petrović £1.5m

15 MF Steven N'Zonzi £4m

25 FW David Goodwillie £2.5m

23 MF David Hoilett £10m

24 FW Yakubu £2m

First Team Value £49 million

6 month-ish previous

May 2011

1 GK Robinson £7m

3 Martin Olsson £5m

2 DF Salgado FREE

4 DF Christopher Samba £10m

5 DF Phil Jones 20m

12 Morten Gamst Pedersen £2m

14 MF J Jones 9m

15 MF Steven N'Zonzi £4m

25 Emerton 2.5 m

23 MF David Hoilett £9m

24 FW Kalinic 5 m

First Team Value £73.5 million

Drop in vlaue of £24.5 million.

So Kean thinks the value of the team and/or squad has gone up.

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Is Hoillet's contract up next summer? If so his value will drop to next to nothing if he doesn't sign by January and it is looking more and more like he isn't going to. If they are still haggling over buy out clauses this could be a nighrtmare.

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