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  1. Thanks for the answers! Really looking forward to it. Haven’t seen a rovers match in 5 years!
  2. Hi, I am travelling over from Norway with my dad and younger brother for PNE away. I would appreciate it if anyone who is a ST holder could help me get tickets. Best Regards, Alexander
  3. Take into consideration that British players prices are very inflated. Buying cheap and mounding one might make serious profit!
  4. Very sad News yesterday. My thoughts are With all of you and especially the ones who have lost or are in danger of losing Close friends, relatives etc. Please be aware that one of the largest terrorist attacks in recent time happened in Norway and by a Norwegian terrorist. Please do not let the racial debate and "fear" get in to you. It is really important to take into consideration how much air time these happenings get in all kind of media platforms today compared to the bombing in 2003 in Atocha Renfe in Madrid for example. In fact, there is less terrorism (People dying from terrorism) on European soil today than before 2000. In fact; Europe is in its most peaceful era ever. Please keep perspective and let the doom mongers and right wing success With making everything negative and Dangerous. We have to learn from history.....
  5. Quite curious on Bob Bradlay. Did a remarkable job With Stabæk in the Norwegian top division.
  6. I predict Burnley at relegation Place by the end of October. Always good to see them get beeat and even better with a 90+3 injury loss.
  7. Its very sad. Messi was devestated after the final tonight. But what a final! Makes the Euro look like an all star game. Way to much tactics and not enough passion for my liking in the Euros.
  8. Posted this is the summer transfer thread, but Vardy staying at Leicester is brilliant.
  9. FFS. Arte et Labore would be the first thing for most managers. PR Expert or not
  10. Martino (new coach) and Neymar Lift their first throphy for Barca after they beat Atletico Madrid on AGG 1-1 after Atletico fail to score at Nou Camp. Leo Messi missed a pen. Atletico got 2 reads. Felipe Luis and Arda Turan who Was at the bench at the time.
  11. Some nice football from the Emirates Cup this weekend. Napoli looked a little bit sluggish, but I think they can get a good season with Insigne and Higuain up front with Inler and Behrami as holding midfielder. Hamsik was hopeless against Arsenal.
  12. Shocked to come on here after a month and read these sad news. Rest in Peace Kelbo. Too bad Henning Berg didnt turn out as you wanted! You seemed a very honest and passionate guy. Condolonces to the family and friends.
  13. No, not at all. Thought it was Keans signing.
  14. Did he play yesterday against Chorley ?
  15. Welcome aboard Dickson! Like what Im reading about you. Hope you serve. Well in blue and white
  16. Sushi restaurant in London worth a visit? I love Sushi...
  17. I love the oysters I got at J Sheekay with somekind of chili sauce accompanied. Ill test it.
  18. Thanks for the advices Preston Blue, Jimbo and Tris. I have printed out all the names and I will try to visit them all.
  19. Dont know if this is only for the Blackburn area, but me and my wife are going to London. Last time we where there we went to Maze in Mayfair (Absolutely fantastic!), Busaba (gorgeus and spicy thai meal), J Sheekay and a lebanese at Edgware Road. This time we are living next to Edgware road underground station and I would like some advices about where to dine when we are in London. We are not the richest of folk and I would prefer not too expensive restaurants. Maze was expensive, but something we had to try.
  20. The Norwegian Movie? Have Bought it to my englIsh brother in law for xmas. Nice way to learn Norwegian.
  21. Maybe they have to many issues and maybe there were a bunch of 0-0 matches - the latter being an indicator of an even league. Seeing the celebration, the hard tackles flying, the skills almost everything during the Lazio - Roma game was fantastic. Liverpool - United was very dull in comparison. I also saw Napoli vs Parma Saturday in a 2-2 match. Very entertaining. Also saw Werder Bremen - Boruissia Dortmund on Friday.Many up and coming talents like Götze, Grosskreutz, Kagawa, Gundogan and Marin. The Premier League is slowly losing its advantage.
  22. This weekend I've seen 2 of the biggest rivalries in European football. Liverpool - United and SS Lazio - FC Roma The Premier League is touted to be the best league in the world. The first 45 minutes between liverpool - united was very very boring - almost fell asleep. The match was ordinary. Not much skills, hard tackles and big decisions. Lazio vs Roma on the other hand. CRACKING football match! There are now 7-8 teams able to fight for the best places in the league. Lazio, Roma, Napoli, Inter, AC Milan, Palermo - maybe others. Premier League have to be careful. The love for the big 4 is slowly killing the league day by day, year by year.
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