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[Archived] Olympic stadium deal collapses


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Bad news for West Ham as due to legal challenges from Spurs & Leyton Orient the Government have backed out.

Government set to announce deal is off

Fresh tender process

However this could be good news if they still get it.

"The successful tenant will then pay an annual rent to the OPLC which could actually prove to be less costly for the likes of West Ham"

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They'll need to use it for something other than athletics, otherwise it will become one huge white elephant.

Football is the obvious answer, as it will draw the crowds.

One thing I can say with certainty is, that you will be paying for it to be up-kept.

We've got one here that's full, maybe once a year.

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Looking at the pictures the stands are so far away from the pitch with the running track. I don't think if I was a West Ham fan I'd be entirely happy moving to a stadium with the track still there.

As football was the obvious sport to take it over after I don't see why this wasn't anticipated. Couldn't it have been designed with some sort of retracting seats over the running track which could be in place for football and moved back for the track for athletics?

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I have to agree with the O's chairman the whole process has been flawed. I am not advocating the O's should move in there but after Spurs lost the vote they should have never have encouraged WHU to take it over. To borrow money from Newham council one of the poorer councils in London is like robbing Peter to pay Paul,and to sucessfully pay off the dosh for the stadium they will need to sell-out the stadium for every home game. They maybe a london club but there is no way they have that many fans that will want to watch Sam's pre-historic long ball rubbish. I thought WHU were in 100M of debt & they have the nerve to ask for even more credit. Personally the financially best option is Spurs because of their Premier League standing and the ability to offer European football every season. Also another point WHU have bid for this promising they will be back in the premiership by the time the games have ended what if WHU went on a losing run missed out on promotion straight back to the premiership and have to spend more seasons in the championship yes they are doing ok now but by the end if they are not in the play offs their promises would have been lies. Their whole bid is a joke and should never have been entertained in the first place!.

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