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Welcome to BRFCS.

The idea with this section of the forums is for members to make a quick introductory post about themselves, before being able to post on the main forum.

It's mandatory for new members and whilst optional for existing members, they are strongly encouraged to do so.

Whilst we're aware that people can just make up any old nonsense, we like to think of this site as a community and this is just one way of helping the community get to know each other.

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I'm from Ireland. Big Blackburn fan since the early nineties. When sky starting showing the premiership games back then, some of my fiends went to Utd,some to Liverpool,some to villa and a few to leeds.I picked Blackburn. When you have your team you have to stick with then though thick and thin. OK ,probably going to get accused of being a Venkys plant for saying that ;)

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Hello I am Michael . I am happy to receive comments from all!

I started Supporting Rovers When my grandfather passed away , I promised I would continue his support for his club , even though at the time i was a avid Liverpool fan . 

I have kept my promise to him and was amazed When my super soccer hero became Manager of Blackburn.

My Grandfather  remembers and told me stories of Rovers before Ewood Park (Oozebooth) .when he had to drive the gentleman who worked the floodlights

 home after floodlights had flattned his Car battery.

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Hello chaps, mods etc. 

I've been a lurker for a long time but have been a Rovers supporter for longer so I decided to give this forum a go. 

Rossendale based, first game if I can remember correctly v sheff Wed league Cup 1980/81/82. Brotherston booted the penalty over the Blackburn end! 

66 league grounds to my name thanks to my rovers supporting friends here in the valley. 

Now based in Sweden and I'm sorry to say that my last visit to Ewood was a 1-1 draw with Villa. 

I'll admit also, that I was in attendance the night we were relegated from the prem v Wigan. Sticks in my mind as my father passed away the same night at BRI. 

As you can probably tell I'm a bit worse for wear, some Swedish beers hit the spot so to speak but good luck to the blues tomorrow. 

Im not one to get involved in the transfer thread... Jesus wept!  Sweden bores me enough! 

Reet I'm of to me pit. 

BTW Swedish football is shit. Halmstad bk I follow here... Bloody better pitches walking down from the Manxman! 

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My names Geoff alias roverstillidie, i am not a new member been posting comments since 2021.Born and bred in Blackburn.I think rovers have some very good young players in the team who are still in the learning process.We can build around these youngsters for next season.

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Not new, but it's been a while...


I'm USRover, an American with basically 0 ties to any club overseas, except for the fact that when I started following the sport beyond playing myself as a kid, my favorite player at the time in 2002 (who just happened to be on field pre game over the weekend 🙂) was at Rovers then, so I started rooting for Blackburn then and never stopped.

I have kicked around the forum from time to time since I found it in.... '04?

I don't think I have really been active here since like 2017, but at least for now, I am back.

Starting to think of actually coming over the pond for a first time visit to Ewood for my birthday in April (would ideally be the Southampton game).

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