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  1. I like T.M. but I think it has taken too long to get where we should be .I predicted a 14 position at the start as we just came up, and thought it would take time . We have been shouting for a stronger defence that seemed to be ignored , and we are in dire need of backup for Bradley ; I thought Maybe Travis, but he like Bradley , have gone from great to dire. I thought T.M would have sorted our back line by now . I think Tony is the right man however the drop from 3 points off the play off places to lower table shows issues. I wonder if Tony is at fault as he is in a posi
  2. Travis along side Bradley, Armstrong up front or Midfield /. Graham up front. Wings and defence still not sure who should wear first team shirts ?? just interested in others views. best formation? thanks
  3. Good luck Dunny . whatever you decide, I hope all goes well . And thanks for all you did in a Blackburn shirt! I was entertained .
  4. I still going finishing 14th wrong or not .Optomist yes but still going to be the usual roller coaster ride ! did anyone predict a 5 -0 russia win I went with 2-0 lol
  5. Have figures been finalised on how much Tony actually has to spend in the transfer in relation to what goes into club wages and owed cash ect ect. Are we strong enough financially to compete in the championship, or are we looking mid table at best for our Club? #
  6. Looking at other big clubs i.e Leeds took two to 3 seasons to get back out of league 1! So hoping Tony stays put until the club is financially fit again. I am also suprised that Villa have managed to escape fair play regulation what clauses have been alright for them to spend while we were hit hard as was leeds ? Now I am wondering who Tony will bring in to strengthen our squad . I can only see a 14th place next season with what we have or thereabouts. thanks again for all your postings and keeping me up to date!!
  7. I still thinking most wont forgive venkies even if they took us back to premier status lol.. people want us to compete at thesame level as when Jack and Daglish took us and could give Burnley a game. That all has been reversed but the rot started before venky family took over. I understand all fans feelings and believe Tony is doing a great job. I have been an armchair supporter from early 70,s and not been to many matches. The first match I really saw was when rovers playeda short time on oozebooth fields but I was only young and cant remember a lot about it. Watch
  8. still no full details through rovers on the Tony and venky talks . just link through stuart . Very strange!! Guess its a case of wait and see
  9. Wondering how Tony and Venky talks have panned out?? any news??
  10. Iwould like some youth from the academy . do we have anyone like a colin Hendry type left in the U.K ?? or am I just being daft??
  11. Hello I am Michael . I am happy to receive comments from all! I started Supporting Rovers When my grandfather passed away , I promised I would continue his support for his club , even though at the time i was a avid Liverpool fan . I have kept my promise to him and was amazed When my super soccer hero became Manager of Blackburn. My Grandfather remembers and told me stories of Rovers before Ewood Park (Oozebooth) .when he had to drive the gentleman who worked the floodlights home after floodlights had flattned his Car battery.
  12. I am Happy with the appointment. I can see a vast improvement in the squad . Thank you T.M. I know We were told it was a short time 18 month contract or something, But I wonder if we can get him on permanently? I wonder what others think? We have a strong Manager who can see how a game is and can nodify the squad to its potential. I like the football I am seeing . please venkies try to get T.M ..
  13. I like T.M so far he seems to talk sense and seem to have a good Idea of whats needed .. Time Will tell .
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