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[Archived] Birthday present

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I would some like tips about what to give my wife for her birthday which is the same date as Matt Derbyshire. 14.04.

We are as mentioned in other posts going to London the weekend from 12th to 15th of May.

I would like to give her something we could use in London (maybe together) such as couples massage or other things. Would be nice to know what places you can recommend and how much I can expect to pay at this place.

Thanks in advance

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Socks?!? Good grief, man! If you must go down that route, M & S do a very good range of sexy but comfy hold up stockings which you can order online. Oh and Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne perfume is very nice. (Before you ask, yes that post is for Bob's benefit - just a little reminder before his next business trip!)

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Socks? Why? Dont get it..

I bought them from the Marks and Spencer store next to the Reebok Stadium. They have hearts on and are £4.50 for a pack of 3..... very cheap and therefore an excellent present.

Last year I bought her chocolate to be reminded she was on a diet, I had to eat it all myself.

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