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[Archived] Chelsea away

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Sorry if posted already but I couldn't find any reference in any other posts. (if it is please delete this)

Does anyone know what the Premier league are likely to do with this fixture now Chelsea are in the cup final?

Would they move it to after the final week of the season or play it sometime before (maybe making Wigan at home our final game.)

Was going to go down but might be impossible now depending on when they move it to.


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Still really don't like the FA Cup being before the end of the season.

You and me both, same with the FA Cup Semi finals being at Wembley and not a neutral venue.

Is it before the end of the season because the UCL finals are on Saturdays now?

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I'm pretty sure every team in the PL has always had to play the last game of a season all on the same day and all at the same KO time.

That's the answer to a question that nobody asked :rock:

You are correct though, it has happened every year apart from the 94/95 season, where for some reason Wimbledon/Forest happened on the Saturday but everyone else played on the Sunday. Weird.

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