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[Archived] Downloading From Youtube

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Can anyone recommend an alternative way of downloading clips? Youtube is blocked at work so in the past I've often used zamzar.com to download clips onto a memory stick that I can take in and use. It was recommended to me on a training course, so I hope it's been legal! Just recently, Zamzar have started to give this message when you try to convert a video: "Sorry, we can't get that video. At the request of Google we have had to remove support for the downloading of YouTube videos on Zamzar." Does anyone know of another site/easy way for me to still get my clips?

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I think I've downloaded it, thanks, Clair but foolishly only read people's comments afterwards, like this:

"Right after installation, my AV detected the Trojan.win32.FakeAV trojan . It apparently installed a fake AV called Live Security Platinum. I refused internet access when asked by my firewall, but Live Security started its fake scan. I managed to remove Live Security. It didn't "kill" my computer, but it definitely has malware."

Is this scaremongering or do I need to be really careful?

Edit: scaremongering! The computer's been on and off a few times now and I've downloaded and converted a few things with no probs. Cheers, Clair - it's really useful!

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