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[Archived] Agents, Rovers and Cricket Loving Owners

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Read the book in under 24hours and at 400+ pages that can only mean it was a good read.

The brilliant but equally sad thing about it was that it was actually like a fictional story, something that was born out of fantasy, a tale where good fights evil.

Unfortunately, however I much I wanted it, good didnt triumph at the end and the villains still remain. Oh for those few blank pages at the end to have been filled with joyous news of one unworthy mans sacking.

My real hope for the book and author is that the readers arent just rovers fans.

Also if you read the book and still feel you can give any of your money via ticket sales, merchandise etc etc then you must be devoid of princples

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Enjoyed the book in a masochistic way. A good job done bearing in mind the limitations placed on the author by legal considerations.

Thank you, Paul. Glad you enjoyed the book. The feedback I have had so far from those who have read it definitely makes the late nights seem a little less pointless. The book will be on Amazon and listed with high street book shops by the end of the month and I am hoping that this is something that will be of interest to the wider football world. The book will be on Amazon at £12.99 (factors beyond my control) but will still be available on the www.rovertaken.co.uk website for £7.99. The book is now starting to attract media interest and once it is out on the high street I have got a few reviews lined up. I believe BRFCS poster Parsonblue has done a review of the book and that will be going on the BRFCS home page shortly. I have got a few Q&A's lined up for my website so I will keep people updated and hopefully we can find something out from them. I am a just a Rovers fan who wants to know what happened at our club between 2010 and 2012. There is plenty of stuff in the book but I still want to know more. Football isn't a playground for businessmen. COME ON YOU BLUES!!!

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Guest Wen Y Hu

Some details regarding the book on the front page here.

Parsonblue's book review is here.

The Podcast 41 interview with Michael is on the front page here.

The discussion of the book is probably best in this thread...

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Many thanks for your support and encouragement. Here are some of the comments and reviews I have had via email/twitter and Facebook:-

"I am an absentee Roverite living in Guernsey, originally from Darwen. Sadly I can remember visits to Halifax and long before. I first went to Ewood in 1960 for the cup tie against Blackpool.Your book made compulsive reading and you are to be congratulated for the obvious effort put in and the quality of the writing." Roverite, Guernsey

"Absolutely brilliant, was not expecting such a magnificent publication." John, Blackburn

"Just finished the book - excellent." Neil, Blackburn

“I am currently almost half way through and enjoying it immensely.” Tony

"Loving Michael Blackburn's take on what has happened to my beloved Rovers, hating that it happened at all." Michael, Rovers fan

"Landed with me on Saturday. Sat down and read it on Sunday (cover to cover). Says it all!!!" Peter, Rovers fan

"Ideal Xmas gift ! Great read on Rovers "Agents, Rovers and Cricket Loving Owners" Wayne Wild

"If you haven't bought @rovertakenmb 's book yet.....What on Earth have you been doing? It will keep you happy until Fifa 13!" Steven, Twitter

"Its a decent read and all credit to the author just another Rovers Fan like us all." PK1875

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Latest on book -

I ordered 1000 books in August and they have now all gone (I would say I gave away around 150 of these!) New batch of 250 coming in next Wednesday. Never been my intention to make money out of this - once I have reached my sales target would like to make a donation to some of the fans groups. Still hoping to sell 2000 copies and then knock it on the head - pretty exhausting doing it all around a full time job. I am sure there will be enough second hand ones on ebay/amazon once I have sold 2000!

The book is going down really well with Rovers fans. BRFCS and all the various Rovers supporters groups have been a great help. FSF have also helped me. Originally it was hoped that the book would help put right many of the anti-Rovers attitudes out there. At the moment I am not really sure that this is the case as most of the copies seem to have gone to Rovers fans. I did get one email from a Fulham fan who said he had read the book and definitely felt it was something fans of other clubs should read and would enjoy. Let's hope this guy has a lot of friends! Ha,ha!

I have not had a great deal of help from anybody connected with the media - short piece in this weeks Big Issue and I am apearing on a football programme on Philadelphia local radio in a few weeks. I neither have the money or the inclination to fund even a basic advertising campaign. I paid just short of £300 to Lancashire Telegraph to have a small internet banner for a week and 3 small ads in the newspaper. I didn't get enough sales from this to make it worthwhile so I didn't buy more. It has been a bit of an eye-opener commercially. Other than local newspaper, the cheapest advertising package I have come across has been Blackburn based radio station The Bee who said they would use my book in a competition one weekend if I sent them 8 books and £300. Er.... no. I would rather buy 10,000 flyers for £150 and go for a long walk.

Book is now on AMAZON - thank you to those who have put reviews on there. If anyone else has read it and gets 5 minutes to put a review on that would be much appreciated. It definitely helps having the book on Amazon but book is actually £5 cheaper to but on ROVERTAKEN website.

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Hi Michael

Glad to hear the books doing well, really do think you are missing a trick by not having e-book versions for sale. Even just having them for sale on your own site, as well as Amazon and google play etc might just push non Rovers supporters to make that impulse purchase. Just a thought.

Plenty of converters out there for making the popular formats at no or very little cost

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