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[Archived] BRFC Documentary Report

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It has been some time now since I have updated the progress of the documentary that I began filming in June of this year.

As you can probably imagine, I hit many brick walls in my goal of getting as many different interview with as many different people connected with the club as possible.

I went into this project with no commissioned budget, no sponsorship, just money that I had to spend as I went along whenever I could get an interview that was relevant to the subject area. Being a fan of Blackburn Rovers was what kep me going. My original goal was to possibly uncover something and find answers but I always left myself asking what questions needed to be answered and whether they would ever be answered.

What I do have is a lot of footage that shows the REAL voice of the fans. I started looking, researching and phoning around at the beginning of May, from then until now I couldn't even begging to list the names of the people I've speaken to. I was being called up by national journalists, I was being sent in the direction of ex-players I could never have wished to meet in my life, I was on the phone to players' agents trying to get them involved in the documentary. Trying to get hold of Diouf's agent was hardest when I was informed by someone that he has 10 and uses them as he pleases. I did make contact with many, many ex-players, some of which I was highly disappointed with their responses. Naming no names but I think they were just after coaching roles under Kean and refused to speak badly about him. Yet when he resigned they were one of the first to have their say in the Lanc Telegraph.

So all in all, I interviewed ex-players, club sponsors, journalists, fans, councillors, MP's, PFA chief executives, Global Advisors etc etc. I do believe that it catches what the fans were really aggrieved about under Kean/Venkys. My ultimate goal was to have this commissioned, shown on TV and shown to fans around the country. I am incredibly disappointed to inform you that I have tried my absolute hardest to make this happen, however with us being in th championship, there are rings of...you're in the championship, who cares? Which is incredibly frustrating as that is a shocking attitude to have. As I was never ever in this for cash rewards, I have no qualms about sticking it on the Internet for you all to watch and share with as many other football fans as possible. After finding out what I have about the club, there is nothing more annoying than seeing three SEM plums sitting on Gillette soccer Saturday ripping the Blackburn Fans to pieces, without valid evidence. I have no time for that programme anymore because of that.

Basically, between now and when we're on sky versus Peterborough the documentary will be up on the Internet and I would appreciate it if you could all share it as much as possible. To make other fans of other clubs aware.

Since May, I have spoken to many different knowledgable individuals who have inside knowledge about the ongoings at the club. Being from London, I had never really spoken in-depth to a Blackburn fan about football until I started this documentary. My first phonecall was to the Lancashire Telegraph asking if someone called Andy Cryer was there, if that gives you a little idea of what I really knew. Since then I went on to speak to many, many, many people. All the way to actually manage to speak to Balaji. I found this experience weird. He said he would speak in the documentary and get me to India, and would get back to me soon....that was the same night we played Hull at home....still no reply, and I don't expect one, and I'm not waiting around.

So the documentary will be up soon. For you all to watch and hopefully it will give a very valid voice in terms of the anger that the fans have displayed in recent years. At the end of the day I'm just a fan, not making out I'm Blackburn's biggest fan by an stretch of the imagination but just a normal fan and I wanted to make a documentary to back up the fans' real feelings.

I do have to say a few Thank You's. a massive massive thank you to Glen Mullan. He has given me his full support from the word go, and I can't thank him enough for trusting me and assisting as much as he has. I would also like to thank Kamy for helping me out in different areas that I was struggling in. I would like to thank a couple more people who have helped me, however I can't for reasons that could get them into trouble.

Also special thanks to Michael Booth, Josh Boswell and Tim Royle who worked on the project off their own back for their love of the club, and have helped me out so much in using their industry expertise to assist the project.

I could probably write a book about what I have discovered in the 5 months I have been working on the project but I wouldn't be able to pip Michael Blackburn's quality book (well worth a read!)

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Yeah well done glad to hear you got some good help from Glen,Kamy & Josh they really are very good at what they do Glen for highlighting the problems at the club & keeping it in the public domain, Kamy for his expertise in reporting esp on this site and Josh for excellent productions of the podcasts even in horrible weathers! I really look forward to seeing a professionally produced,informative documentary & will definitely give my views on it.

Glen lets get it trending on twitter & facebook etc..maybe even get it sent to Shebby & the rest of the lunatics running our club they could prob learn a thing or 2,

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