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[Archived] Dave Fevre

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he was set to leave last summer to Man City as head of sport science there. but some how Batty, the current at the time club doctor of rovers got it.

Maybe Dave is happy at Rovers and loves the club.

That's interesting, Chaddy, I wast aware at all. Just strikes me as funny that he hasn't jumped ship when he could be raking it in at, like you mentioned, Manchester City or similar.

Glad to have him, just wondered how he's managed to look past all the trouble at the club.

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He was at united, he chose to move to Blackburn because he wanted to spend more time with his family, and not flying around with united all over Europe most weeks.

We are very lucky to have him, hes is regarded as one of the best physios in the country if not the best!

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I can only presume Dunny must have run over his dog.

Or ate it? ;-)

Edit - I think Dunny is just a chunkier build than most, BTW. Most footballers are stick thin, whereas Dunny is broader shouldered than most.

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