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[Archived] Managerial League Table


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It's been mentioned in the steve kean apologist thread Ian. Along with post feminism feminism and such like. A right riveting read.

My apologies Bob. Just had a look at that thread. Liked your post by the way.

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It's probably the most interesting fact to come out of that table, of course people will talk about. I've had a few people mention it to me today who don't give a toss about Kean or Rovers.

I wonder what the table looks like for the last 7 games of last season.

Or even the rest of Kean's time impersonating a manager.

With the greatest of respect the them both, the fact that David Flitcroft and Brian Flynn are above him (with 5 and 3 games respectively) also makes a mockery of this "analysis".

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