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[Archived] Media Watch -> The Football League | News | Football League | FL News | League confirms 2013/14 start date

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it would be nice to think nobody checked the fixture list before booking a holiday :wacko:

why is the season starting early but the play-offs are at the same time??

EDIT: Just seen it's because the clubs want it so they can have an extra saturday game. Win all round then???

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Whatever he does doesn't change the lovely kids and staff I work with, doesn't take away the hols, (yet) or the potential to come home at 3.30 and do nothing as long as I'm prepared to catch up another night. Hard work, but when i was off for a few weeks I realised that teaching isn't what I do, it's what I am. (And I'm near enough to retirement for it not to matter personally to me what any government idiot does - I've seen it all 3 times over)

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