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[Archived] Flash for Cash

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No, it isn't exposing yourself in public for money but the next thing to be aware of when you're out driving.

You arrive at a junction, a car flashes you to let you pull out and then crashes into you.

You have no proof that they flashed you, big insurance claim follows, premiums go up etc..


Anybody experienced this?

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There's been plenty of times that drivers have flashed me to let me pull out when I can blatantly see there's cars coming and it would be dangerous for me to pull out, In my experience It was unlikely to be scammers as its usually just regular looking folk that seem to be trying to hard to be courteous without realising its actually not safe for me to pull out,

But I can see how this situation can easily be taken advantage of by the usual insurance scamming scum(though I half blame the insurance companies themselves for making it so easy for there policies to be taken advantage of)

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Happened down here to one of the lads I know through footy. 18 years old and recently passed his test. Bloke who hit his car failed a breath test at the scene but passed when they got back to the station. Still ended up being the young lads fault though as there was no proof that he got flashed.

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