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[Archived] Have The Home Country Fa's Finally Got Something Right Re The Poppies


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It really shows the FA up as the weak organisation they really are. Why did they ask permission in the first place? FIFA are a bullying, egocentric body and the English, Scottish and Welsh national associations should have just done it without seeking permission and pandering to FIFA's bureaucrats. It was only after Teresa May's intervention that they actually grew a pair.

No wonder the game is littered with poor owners of clubs with this lot as custodians of our game.

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I was gutted to hear this because I have a bigger worry.

This is the FA at the lowest level of credibility/popularity in its history. This would have been a great moment for our protests to point to their avoidance, collusion and compromised decision making( to put it politely).

I see this merely as a naked attempt by the FA to court populist approval at a difficult time. Look behind the behaviour!

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