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I can't seem to post this in the SALE & WANTED section, so if these types of post are no longer allowed, please just delete.

Basically I'm selling my collection of Rovers memorabilia - programmes, team sheets, books, fanzines, shirts, scarves along with some other bits & bobs.

If there is any specific that you are looking for to fill gaps in your collection, please feel free to leave a message below or PM me.


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5 minutes ago, blueboy3333 said:

Why? Keep the lot, that stuff is worth it's weight in gold. When the pluckers disappear and the fans take over the club we are going to open a Rovers museum :rover:

there will be collectors with far bigger and better collections than me to fill any Rovers museum...

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15 hours ago, blueboy3333 said:

Fair enough.

I gave away all my late 70's & 80's programmes about 15 years ago. Regretted it ever since.

I swapped my programmes years ago for some " Charlie Buchan's Football Monthlies ".

I had one from the Rochdale v Rovers league cup semi final and one for the Rochdale v Norwich league cup final first leg. When I see what they are selling for now I felt like crying !

edit- just had a look on the Internet, there's one on at £1,300 !

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