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  1. Rovers v Wigan

    What a game. I’m loving this!
  2. Songs at Ewood

    To the tune of No Rain by Blind Melon All i can say is that we're gonna win this game We've gone and signed the mighty Payne And all i can do is go and watch Charlie Mulgrew We're gonna win by two cause it's our game It's our gaaaaaaammme Or something along those lines
  3. Dickson Etuhu

    Why am i not surprised/shocked http://www.espnfc.com.au/swedish-allsvenskanliga/story/3225578/dickson-etuhu-questioned-by-police-in-sweden-match-fixing-case-reports
  4. Venkys London Ltd Accounts

    Not sure where to put this but I thought this was a very interesting read, especially towards the end https://medium.com/@jacopopiotto/show-dont-sell-70fb07066bc4#.kznm1uked
  5. Advert In Indian Press

    Could we not at least place the ad in the comments section on each article of the website? That would be free and whilst not hitting as large an audience it would at least get the word out.
  6. Venkys London Ltd Accounts

    Even after everything that's happened after the last six years reading this thread has made me thoroughly depressed. Anger is not a sufficient word to be used when describing how I feel about what has been done to this club. I started following Rovers in the 94-95 season as I was a striker by trade in my playing days and was memorized by Shearer. You could call me a band wagoner but i grew up following Serie A due to my Italian heritage and a born and bred supporter of AC Milan but there was something about Rovers being a small town club taking it to the big boys that sucked me in. I have never been to Blackburn or even England but have been an avid supporter of Rovers ever since, riding the highs and lows of relegation, promotions, cup runs etc. Buying shirts from the club shop and wearing it, spreading the word of this great club to lesser educated footballing folk here in Australia was something i took pride in. Now, when asked who i support and respond with Rovers i find myself saying it with sadness. I barely get to watch them anymore and have stopped purchasing merchandise etc as my form of protest from afar. It just makes me sick that the league's governing body could not only allow this to happen but continue to allow this to happen. These parasites are sucking the life out of club and there is basically nothing we can do to stop them. I'm proud of the people like Glen Mullan, Madon, amongst many others for sparing their valuable time to fight the good fight as well as others that are boycotting but turning up for protests etc. The protests may or may not achieve much but at the very least it brings Rovers supporters together in a sign of unity that basically says we may not be able to do anything at this point but you (the owners and anyone linked with them) are not one of us and we will be here long after you leave. For the people who don't protest fair enough I get it, from my position I have the comfort to know you will still be there after these scum leave. Anyway sorry about the long winded post but as mentioned above i had an overwhelming wave of depression reading this thread and thought by typing out my thoughts i may feel a little better. Sadly it hasn't really helped. RTID
  7. Huddersfield At Home

    That was me donner, had big wraps on him. Still do. Also suggested Tom Rogic who is at Celtic but there's no chance we'll get him now either as his is tearing it up there for them
  8. Protest Ideas...

    Not sure if this has been mentioned or not but falling in to the 'we must hit the Venky's in their own backyard' strategy, an idea could be to template a short, concise message about what Venky's have done to our club with a link to the venky's out webpage and cut and paste this to the comments section of every news article on every Indian newspaper website. Just basically spam the comments section with this templated comment multiple times if need be. I know this probably wouldn't make a huge difference but at least (a) It will raise awareness with the people of India ( It will be a cost-free exercise to further expose the Venky's for what they have done © another cathartic exercise for us as supporters to vent our anger over this nightmare. I say a templated comment that we could all use and agree on as we want to send a clear, unified message on what is actually happening. I know a high percentage of people won't actually read it but we are talking about millions of people potentially seeing this and having a read. Thoughts?
  9. Protest Ideas...

    Looked at the Directors Rossano Cifonelli's LinkedIn Profile - This was interesting - Experience Director / Barrister VII Law Limited June 2015 – Present (1 year 6 months) VII Law is a boutique law firm authorised by the Bar Standards Board, that strives to achieve excellence in providing bespoke legal services to private clients. VII Law has the capacity to provide licensed FA Registered Intermediary services, authorised to conduct intermediary activity on behalf of players and clubs playing football in England. https://uk.linkedin.com/in/rossano-cifonelli-111738b9
  10. Protest Ideas...

    Link to EFL's Owners and Directors Test http://www.efl.com/global/appendix3.aspx
  11. Protest Ideas...

    This Guy is the new chairman http://www.thefa.com/news/thefa/2016/aug/greg-clarke-confirmed-as-chairman-240816 Or Perhaps one of these people: http://www.efl.com/global/eflboard.aspx
  12. Protest Ideas...

    Is there a head figure at the FA? I think the raising of awareness in India is the priority but alongside that I think the governing bodies need to be brought further into the spotlight. Rather than attacking the Umbrella of the FA, maybe there is some benefit to be gained by diverting attention to a specific individual(s) under this umbrella. Whether it be via protests, twitter trends, facebook, media etc we should demand a response and attention from this individual so it's on the record. I believe now is the best time for this due to the Indian article being released to the wider public and the spotlight being turned well and truly on the FA.
  13. Name The Group

    Reclaim Rovers Blue and White Army
  14. Transfers Part 2

    As a Brisbane Roar are my home town club and i support them i can tell you Polenz is not the answer. Probably better than Henley but that isn't saying much. The guy is a bit of a crock as well. In regards to midfield i've banged on a bit regarding this but i really feel we missed a trick when Huddersfield signed Mooy on loan from Man City. Would have added stability and energy to our @#/? midfield
  15. Vs. Wigan Away

    Steele, Henley, Lowe out. Play 442. Very obvious changes required immediately. Venky's out, Coyle out is already a given.