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  1. FGS5635

    Rodwell signs

    When someone misses the amount of time he has you worry they arent the same player physically. But from what I have seen its still there. Still quick enough, strong enough, technically still looks good. Quite promising. He just needs to stay fit now and get a run of games, which is obviously tough with his history, but if he does then we have a bargain of a player for the 2nd half of the season
  2. I think this game will show us what TM currently thinks his strongest 11 is. Everyone will be well rested after the break and its a really tough game. As long as we have no injries, this is where most of the players find out where they stand
  3. FGS5635

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Bereton off the bench to open his rovers account. I can feel it
  4. FGS5635

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Strange half. I thought we were excellent until we scored, then we seemed to lose all momentum. Some encouraging performances though. Rothwell looks good Need more from Graham, its not sticking at all when it goes up to him
  5. FGS5635

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Fingers crossed for Rodwell and Rothwell. Big game for them two, hopefully they deliver
  6. FGS5635

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Dack v Lowe.............. we are doomed
  7. FGS5635

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Everyone has a different value on things. My point is if you really really want sdomething, you pay what it takes He really wanted bereton
  8. FGS5635

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Big game this now. Win this well with that lineup and you can see a shift of philosophy and personnel.
  9. FGS5635

    Bolton vs Rovers

    If TM had bid 10 million for chapman, do you think Pulis would have said no way, I need another winger first? Clearly we wouldnt bid 10mil and Pulis wouldnt let him leave for peanuts, but somewhere in between would have been a figure that worked if TM really really wanted chapman
  10. FGS5635

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Wow that selection is out of left field. Fair play Tony, that is a ballsy call and that team looks full of threat
  11. FGS5635

    Bolton vs Rovers

    We need to stop worrying about the opposition and picking teams around stopping them. We need to look at our strengths and play to them and let them worry about us.
  12. FGS5635

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Every player looks to be in their best position in that lineup though. No square pegs in rounds holes. Could argue bennett is better in centre mid maybe, but he would be the only one and he certainly has all the attributes to be a very good wing back
  13. FGS5635

    Bolton vs Rovers

    I think thats whats holding mowbray back from changing. I think he knows if he changes to 3 at the back we will probably go backwards. Now it could be 1 step back to make 2 or 3 forward, or it could just be backwards.
  14. FGS5635

    Bolton vs Rovers

    I think often in life and even more so on forums, people are either black or white on a subject. There is a whole bundle of grey in the middle where decent debate can be had
  15. FGS5635

    Ben Brereton

    This is what the fee does though. He gets judged differntly becasue of it. Happens at every club when big money is spent, even more so on strikers. Its the way of the world If he cost 350k then this thread would be on page 2 now and not page 17 and we'd all be saying nice things how he looks pacey and for 19 looks promosing

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