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  1. FGS5635

    Loan Window

    You would think that if they want both, signing one then makes it easier to sign the 2nd. Not sure how I'd feel about signing both though. Thats a lot invested in strikers when we always play 1 up front If its true it makes you wonder if Graham is really struggling with his knee
  2. FGS5635

    Loan Window

    The deal can be made into anything with a loan to buy. Thats possibly while its dragging out. We could loan to buy brereton for 6 million paying it all in Jan after his loan We could loan to buy paying a 3 million loan fee now and another 3 million in Jan after his loan We could pay in installments over the length of his contract. This is why only the rich get their business done early, as they just pay all up front more than likely. Teams like us want to spread it over many seasons and the selling club want it all up front. Hence the drawn out negotiations until they find a common ground. Trouble is it usually takes the deadline to force people to a common ground.
  3. FGS5635

    Loan Window

    3 points really 1 - Dont think of it as a loan, becasue it isnt really. Its a permanent signing 2 - They are the selling club and dont appear desperate. They more than likely wont agree to a loan with an option 3 - If they did and he scores 20 goals for us and looks awesome, then they go thanks rovers and take him back and we stand there looking silly. Every transfer is a risk one way or another
  4. FGS5635

    Loan Window

    Its the opposite of that though. Its a perma signing, but you defer payment for 6 months while you save up and empty your copper jar
  5. FGS5635

    Loan Window

    Becasue its essentially a permanent signing just with a different name in this daft window. If we signed him before the last window he prob gets a 3.5 year deal and he is our player. Now it would be 0.5 yr loan and a 3yr deal. Its still a permaanent deal, just worded differently
  6. FGS5635

    Loan Window

    I think if nobody signs today, then TM will go into game mode tomorrow and it will be monday before we can expect anything. Bit like the arma signing
  7. FGS5635

    Loan Window

    The market is crazy and continues to get dafter year by year. To me it looks clear what TM's plan is and it looks like he has sold it to venkys. Sign young players with a ton of upside. One good season and their worth can quadruple. He probably points at Dack now and tells them he is already worth 5 million and with another good year he could be worth over 10mil. He has publicly said a few times how cheap he thinks we got arma. Seems a strange thing to brag about unless your half aiming at the owners ears
  8. FGS5635

    Loan Window

    Not even bothered about the team anymore, we need a signing just for something different to discuss for a few days 😫
  9. FGS5635

    Loan Window

    The bench is important. You cant win things without decent options sat on that bench. Chapman is a great option to bring on as teams tire late in the game. Maybe that all he is, if it is then so be it. But he has tremendous upside and potential for a lot more
  10. FGS5635

    Loan Window

    Cryptic tweet just came out from chapman. Just says Timing, then an egg timer. Hmmmmmm, does he sign tomorrow?
  11. FGS5635

    Loan Window

    Id say its only unfair if we are missing some info. Maybe he had an injury pre season or something. But if he didnt, a professional player after a full pre season shouldnt be chugging so hard after 60mins, 2 games into a season
  12. FGS5635

    Loan Window

    I was suprised how unfit he was yesterday. He was chugging like mad after 60mins. Infact one of his chances, he nearly fell over becasue he couldnt seem to get his legs working under him
  13. FGS5635


    Palmer needed to stray wide. He had that full back beat 1 v 1 with ease, yet he started to got cocky and drift inside. Made him way easier to mark and he became none effective. Its not his natural game to be wide, but its where we need him and he certainly looks like he has the skill set to do it well at this level
  14. FGS5635


    Looking at the betting, he is the oustanding candidate
  15. FGS5635

    Loan Window

    Darragh MacAnthony‏Verified account @DMAC102 14s14 seconds ago Darragh MacAnthony Retweeted Richard Sherwood Yes possibly Darragh MacAnthony added, Richard Sherwood @rsherwood1990 @DMAC102 no Maddison in the 18 for you today any chance of a loan to buy move to another club? 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes

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