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  1. Spankus Munky

    Summer Transfer Window

    I'd take a punt on Keinan Davis
  2. Spankus Munky

    Summer Transfer Window

    It doesn't matter, he was under 24 and we offered him an extension therefore we get a tribunal to decide the players value (which 99.9% of time includes add ons like sell-on profits, hence why the fee you receive is usually low)
  3. Spankus Munky

    Summer Transfer Window

    Wrong. The youth product will get you a little bit of money for training compensation and future fee with no value in the player as a whole, and is decided by the rules in EPPP regime.
  4. Spankus Munky

    Summer Transfer Window

    As he was under 24 a tribunal will more often than not insert future fees based on apps/caps/sell-on profit
  5. Spankus Munky


    What's a Bunonion? and let's ignore the incorrect usage of there ๐Ÿ˜• I expected better from Charlie ๐Ÿคจ
  6. Spankus Munky

    West Brom at home

    2 seasons ago they were in the Premier League while we were in League 1 Says it all, really.
  7. Spankus Munky

    Barnsley v Rovers

    At least make the Keeper work
  8. Spankus Munky

    Barnsley v Rovers

    Did someone pee in your Cornflakes this morning or something?
  9. Aye and what Walton doesn't have a better back 4 infront of him than Raya had? All I can tell you is Raya always had a Worldie in him also. Id forgive an odd clanger if he is pulling out stops that would otherwise result in a goal against 9 times out of 10
  10. 33 goals against (2nd best in the league) suggests otherwise
  11. Spankus Munky

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Still makes no sense! Raya, Walton & Steele one of these is not like the others, 2 are shit at the position they purportedly play the other is a solid if unremarkable keeper for the division he plays... I don't believe there is a club in this division that would take Walton or Steele over Raya to be number 1 other than us
  12. Spankus Munky

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Well that's easy 2 are at worst a couple of prats the other 2 committed war crimes. 2nd selection also very easy 2 are shit and 1 is a solid championship keeper and he isn't British... The only thing those 2 discussions have in common is they are absurdly hyperbolic
  13. Spankus Munky

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Point being? Raya has the same amount of clean sheets as Walton but more importantly has 9 less goals in the against column. So thanks I will keep on slating him because he is shit.
  14. Spankus Munky

    Preston Away

    Your opinion, can't argue what you believe. Raya is however one of the top 5 Keepers in the division my opinion.
  15. Spankus Munky

    Preston Away

    Much better than Raya though according to some on here ๐Ÿ™„

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