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  1. TheRovers1994

    Watford v Rovers Wed 21st Oct 7.45pm

    Venkys will not have trusted mowbray and co to bring in these signings to just improve on last season, a victory against a strong Watford tomorrow night will send a clear message and give us a big boost and for sure make things very rosey at ewood, we need to go to Watford all guns glazing, i would put a couple new lads straight in cause Watford won't be prepared, my team would be this, the pace will cause Watford serious problems Kaminski Nyambe lenihan ayala douglas Johnson holtby rothwell Dolan Armstrong elliot Subs: pears, Williams bell, trybul, buckley, brereton, Gallagher
  2. TheRovers1994

    Bournemouth away

    Yeah last seasons assistant
  3. TheRovers1994

    Bournemouth away

  4. TheRovers1994

    Bournemouth away

    Bournemouth are without a manager and in a fire sale this maybe a good time to play them Kaminski Nyambe Lenihan William's Bell ( no option) Travis Evans Holtby Brereton Armstrong JRC Subs: fisher, wharton, Johnson, Davenport, Chapman, dolan, gallagher/ rothwell
  5. TheRovers1994

    20/21 kit

    One year left on the umbro contract, if I have the pleasure of coming across waggot again I will be letting him know my thoughts on kits and stadium. We wanna be moving onto kappa or hummel and producing designs to them that the fans love, we are a club that loves our history and tradition manufactures and the club should be taking that into account, after all we are the ones who pay over 100 quid a season to have them, if next season they produce red and black halves then season after stripes they will sell like golddust then the season after go to yellow and blue or navy blue with a 3rd strip, either way they need to listen to what fans want cause that's what will sell. What I hear is that this seasons away is red and bits of blue I would have hoped the blue would be black
  6. TheRovers1994

    20/21 kit

    Away kit is red with bits of blue
  7. Think people are looking too much into it, it's a weird one competitive game in pre season, not easy but as we know a left back and centre back is needed then we look at a box to box midfielder fir balance as rothwell does not suit the midfield role he's too inconsistent, wharton is deffo a good 3rd choice so we dont need 2 centre halves, dolan quality chapman needs to graft cause he's got till Jan to prove himself otherwise his career at this level is over, attitude and laziness again playing a part, fisher is ok specially considering he's hardly played for months
  8. TheRovers1994

    20/21 kit

    Away kit is red with blue on it
  9. Fisher Nyambe Lenihan Wharton Bell Travis Johnson JRC Holtby Armstrong Brereton Subs: eastham, carter, Bennett, rothwell, chapman, Dolan, Gallagher Going off the 4231
  10. TheRovers1994

    Blackpool (A) - Tuesday 25th August

    Brereton showing his capabilities, out of position all the time and young yet still shows glimpses of what he can do with the backing from fans and the manager,easthams distribution brilliant again, Fisher better, Dolan as sharp as ever, we defended brilliantly from the front again it didnt feel like a friendly, when you have players like chapman, arma and Dolan up top who can really pressure the opposition back line and keepers that have lead to us catching them out and scoring in the last two games it can work wonders if we can keep up that airt of work rate and tempo this season
  11. TheRovers1994

    The State of Ewood Park!

    The ground has started to become a state over the last few years, the outsides of the staves are dirty need cleaning and smartening urgently, if you walk round the backs of the riverside there is old crap dumped there, seats fading, the seats should be changed to royal blue and white anyway to lighten the place up for starters like what Sunderland did, no initiative at this club wagon needs to pull his finger out cause the stadium can make a difference when it comes to recruiting players and sponsors cause atm ewood is looking like some league 1 standard shithole like turf moor in ways when its always been a great premiership standard stadium Sort it out waggot ffs
  12. TheRovers1994

    Fleetwood Town (A) - Pre-Season 2020/21

    Think people are looking into negatives too much, I'm a big critic when we are shit but insane little negatives yesterday, the oerfoakce was as good as it gets fjr a first friendly. Johnson and Evans are break up players you cant have them on the pitch at the same time in a real game unless your trying to see out a win late on, I expect that both of them will depart at the end if the season with Bennett and mulgrew If not ready gone which frees up a lot of big wages, so travis and Davenport are the future, defensive mids they are classed as but have more to offer in attack than Evan's and johnson, travis is your typical ball winner Davenport a typical defensive mid that links defence to attack, all we lack Is a box to box and that's why we are interested in whiteman or whatever his name is at Doncaster, playing a midfield 3 we need that sort of player who can take the ball off the defence and start an attack. Gallagher is coming good at the back end of last season he was starting to score goals and play well I've always had faith in him as he proved himself under a very bad owen Coyle team so I've every confidence he will be an asset this season onwards asking as hes used properly, he's been harshly criticised when he's been out of position. Brereton has what it takes I can see that but lacks confidence, mowbray may have to swallow his pride and send him on loan to league 1 so he can score goals and gain his confidence, but again he's not been helped and harshly criticised while playing out of position. Fact is galley and brereton are strikers not wingers, mowbray needs to stood messing with these players if you need wingers then recruit but atm we dont we have Armstrong, Chapman, Dolan, rothwell, costello as options, look how much better we was going forward when we had two pacey wingers on ? My choice would be Armstrong down the left and Costello on the right in his key position but I've a feeling mowbray is gonna out him at left back if he dosnt get a new one in which will be wasted as he's a very talented attacking winger who proved he can do the defensive work when at left back last season so the left back won't be exposed, Chapman used as an impact sub while fighting to earn a first 11 spot aslong as he gets his head down and grafts cause this is his last chance of a decent career otherwise if he does what he did last season and sulcked instead of rolling up his sleeves and proving his worth he will be another on a long list of talented players who end up in the lower leagues and fading. Dolan is a brilliant talent everything you want in a winger, normally even in friendlies young lads are hesitant and too nervy to have a pop at these big experienced lads but he was direct and quick and was eager to prove what he can do and looked to Express himself, he will be an asset for us no doubt soon, play him in cup games for now and as back up but needs to play with the 23s for most parts as we don't just wanna throw him in yet, best to ease him in. In terms of defence lenihan, wharton, William's, carter and a new one will be our options but what we should see and are likely to see is carter and magloire loaned out so lenihan and a new defender as regular starters, Wharton 3rd choice competing for a place, Williams who's injury prone anyway and will leave at the end of the season will be left out most of the time must waiting for injuries and suspensions to get games
  13. TheRovers1994

    Fleetwood Town (A) - Pre-Season 2020/21

    Arma is still quality outside specially when he cuts in
  14. TheRovers1994

    Fleetwood Town (A) - Pre-Season 2020/21

    Cause they dont have an under 23s so anybody not ready for first team they release cause they dont wanna gamble on a pro deal they are tinpot
  15. TheRovers1994

    Fleetwood Town (A) - Pre-Season 2020/21

    Impressed with Eastham and Dolan, eastham looks confident and commanding good distribution and dolan quick and skillfull a great recruit which is Preston's loss haha serves them right for being tinpot and having a shite academy system meaning they dont have a 23s team so they have to release players who ain't seen as first team material

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