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  1. Mc Love

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    Agreed, will never forget the start of their tenure and the cluelessness of the owners whom are established successful business people in their own right.
  2. Mc Love

    BRFCS Advertising/Sponsorship

    I use an Ad Blocker too, so you may have to factor that in too.
  3. Mc Love

    [Archived] Venkys

    As much as they have tried to clean up their act - the last three years will live long in a supporters memory! I dont think they will ever truly be accepted as beloved owners!
  4. Mc Love

    [Archived] Jordan Rhodes

    For Kamy its not worth the hassle to be honest, the reaction and expectations of some fans really lets this MB and the football club down sometimes. Partly one of the reason I rarely visit the MB these days. I tend to get most of my news from twitter and as you only have 140 characters its harder for people to post drivel and attacks against people like Glen, BKKrover and Kamy and the like.
  5. Maintain is a good word! I think Venkys ownership has really affected my support of the club! I still love the club and the team but I dont follow it as close as I did before "they" took over as they turned what was a once proud and well run business/club into the ground with stupid appointments and sackings! Here's hoping this season "they" take a back seat and Mr Bowyer can turn us into a god fearing, exciting team! I check in here occasionally, follow few lads on twitter, member of the trust and then there's the groups on facebook full of whingebags
  6. Are there any under-rated League One players that could make the step up and perform in the championship, ensuring we get good value for money?
  7. I agree on I dont give a crap who the sponsor is as long as it brings in some sort of decent revenue for the club!
  8. I'm all for supporting him - its up to the owners to get behind him too. Is it too early to put a bet on when he will be sacked? October at the earliest!
  9. Mc Love

    Movie Discussion

    Is it better (worth it) to see new Iron Man movie in 3d?
  10. Agreed - but the team should be doing a lot better, maybe we wouldn't have made promotion, but certainly could have been in contention for play-offs. That isnt being deluded, is it? How could anyone consider the owners to be good? Surely you dont need access to social media, forums to see how crap the owners are.
  11. There as deluded as Kean and Shebby if thats the case!
  12. For me they dont deserve it to be honest. Those days are long gone. Harry Redknapp said it the other night there in an interview (post match i think) about the players needing to play out of their skin in the championship and not be moaning etc. For us that hasnt been the case all season!
  13. Somebody needs to have Shebby investigated and possibly committed!
  14. Surely UEFA should be in brought in so if the FA are crooked?
  15. Let the FA come out with whatever they find, and if it doesnt match up with the dossier - then its time to release stuff that could damage the bonds and interests that lie between the FA and Kentaro

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