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  1. Mc Love

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    Agreed, will never forget the start of their tenure and the cluelessness of the owners whom are established successful business people in their own right.
  2. Mc Love

    BRFCS Advertising/Sponsorship

    I use an Ad Blocker too, so you may have to factor that in too.
  3. Mc Love

    Movie Discussion

    Is it better (worth it) to see new Iron Man movie in 3d?
  4. Mc Love

    The sad passing of "Kelbo".

    RIP Kelbo - very sad to hear!
  5. Mc Love

    Mc Love/Sparkysrovers

    Was introduced to Rovers by a fellow brfcs'er (Randy Synge iirc) back in 1993 I believe it was. Started following the rovers then, amongst a very popular Man Utd and Liverpool fanbase in Ireland. It wasnt until 1999 that I had my first trip to Ewood Park (and we were in the championship) and we got beaten 2-1 versus QPR. My dad and I were sat in the JW upper as I wanted a good view of the match and ground, but I dont think we were well received as we were both very boisterous compared to mild gents and ladies. Had a wonderful time, got our very own private tour around the ground on the Friday, got players lounge passes (got to meet loads of players including duff and his family), and passes to the Blues bar. Been over and back two or three times since, my last match wasnt a happy one either with Ince in charge and rovers losing to Man Utd. I do hope to be back again some day as long as Kean is gone. I have had been on the official boards before I was a member on here, and have met up with loads from there and from here, and still friends and stay in contact with some via text, twitter, facebook you name it.
  6. Mc Love

    New Games/General Gaming

    They seemed to put alot more resources into the cutscenes, I expected more from them. It just feels like an add-on for UC2.
  7. Mc Love

    Movie Discussion

    Anyone watch the inbetweeners!? Loved that Will said he hated Burnley and that the lad staying in their apartment had a Rovers tattoo!
  8. Mc Love

    New Games/General Gaming

    Havent played LA Noire at all - is it worth getting (hoping my PS3 still works) But here is a clip from Uncharted 3 - cant wait until this comes out:
  9. Mc Love

    New Games/General Gaming

    Saints Row the Third is going to be amazing!!!
  10. Mc Love

    New Section ?

    Shouldnt this thread be in the Ask Admin section?
  11. Mc Love

    New Games/General Gaming

    Just saw that there is a new Saints Row instalment on the way! http://www.computerandvideogames.com/298964/previews/saints-row-3-first-look/ Have to say from reading about it - it seems to be a massive improvement and ten times more crazier than SR2
  12. Mc Love

    New Games/General Gaming

    Ah but say that to the PES fanboys - who'd tell you its a far better game without the names of clubs & players
  13. Mc Love

    New Games/General Gaming

    I have heard a lot of bad things about it, such as gameplay etc and havent played a SOCOM since SOCOM2

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