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  1. bubblerrovers

    [Archived] Benni Mccarthy - Gone

    Benni's been wanting to jump ship nearly as long as he's been here. The fool actually believed Chelsea wanted him. Any excuse to get one last pay off.
  2. bubblerrovers

    [Archived] Benni Mccarthy - Gone

    Why would anyone buy Mccarthy?? i think we're guna be stuck with him.
  3. bubblerrovers

    [Archived] Benni Mccarthy - Gone

    Really want him too stay, but if he went what fee would we actually get for him?? i think 3mill at best?
  4. bubblerrovers

    Some Old Youtube Memories

    Thank you wittle brilliant videos
  5. bubblerrovers

    [Archived] Benni Mccarthy - Gone

    I'm sure Sam will have a replacement in mind,
  6. bubblerrovers

    Roque Santa Cruz

    What ever happened to that Roque Santa something, i forget the rest?
  7. bubblerrovers


    Going up to Ewood for the West Ham game, are there any nice Restaurants Near to Blackburn, Staying very close to the ground and want it too be nice as it's my Birthday and the Mrs has agreed to watch the mighty rovers
  8. bubblerrovers

    [Archived] Andre Ooijer Signs !

    Thanks and good luck, Like him so much more after he knew he was going but kept his mouth shut till we where safe, lots of players would already be talking about potential new clubs etc,
  9. bubblerrovers

    Rovers Songs

    How about "you'll only be here one year" sung on repeat or "We're just a stepping stone, we're just a stepping stone" I for one will only sing ROVERS songs, players come and go, Rovers for ever
  10. bubblerrovers

    [Archived] Pedersen Needs Converting!

    Really annoyed me seeing Benni having a go at Ped, they're in the same boat. What annoyed me more was Benni moaning at the ref so much he missed chances to get in the box
  11. bubblerrovers

    [Archived] New Deal For Mokoena?

    Terrible player why he is still with us i don't know, all those who rate him must be watching someone else, if we really want to push on this is the type of player that simply is not good enough
  12. bubblerrovers

    [Archived] Pedersen

    I think it's obvious he has too go, hasn't looked anywhere near the player we know he can be for a long time now, he needs a change of scenery in my opinion. His confidence is shot to pieces and hughes and his team clearly cannot change that. Only reason he hasn't been sold is there are hardly any up and coming left wingers that spring to mind who could replace him, Please don't mention Peter, he simply won't be a premiership player i bet my house on that. Shame is i doubt we'll get a good price now and even tottenham wouldn't take him.
  13. bubblerrovers

    [Archived] The Old Gate Debate

    Thats be honest if tickets where free last night we wouldn't even get near to selling out,
  14. bubblerrovers

    [Archived] Benni Mccarthy - Gone

    What is everyone worried about??? if he goes then so be it!! We'll get loads of cash to add to the put and when has MH ever let us down? I have complete faith in him to find an even better replacement. My biggest fear is if the club decide to cash in and MH decides he can take the club no further if have to sell the best players.
  15. bubblerrovers

    [Archived] Should Dunny Have Come Home?

    Dunn might as well wear the stuppid mascot outfit and ponce around the pitch before the game, at least some fans will be happy, He's so passed it but some fans are completely blind to see it,

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