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  1. Please don't read the article folks. It could damage your health.
  2. I remember Kidd saying Ward needed a rest after playing 3 matches. Only footballer I've seen jump for a header and somehow make himself shorter than just standing there.
  3. The Judicial system doesn't recognise stupidity as a form of defence. How many times are the Rao's going to flaut the rules?
  4. Was talking to a mate who said he watched all the famous bands in the 80 and 90's at Manchester, Blackpool, Preston Lancaster and Blackburn. He was on a factory wage and could afford to go every week. Stadium tours have ruined love music.
  5. Maybe a super injunction after Confused, Fat Barry and David get a threesome after the gig?
  6. Knowing the Rao's they put us in to administration just after the concert. With a knackered pitch for spite.
  7. A good turn out and send off for Neil Wilkinson yesterday in Lytham. No Burnleh Bob there but thankfully two great Rovers Fazackerley and Bryan Douglas attended.
  8. The pain of that day. I barely spoke for a week after. It felt like a death of a friend. Even now that bloody song makes me feel sick.
  9. That Sellars goal was class, Newell was back and different class. We all know that the Croydon Chavs were helped to promotion. The Fa fancied the team of the 70's 😂 being the team of the 90's. London stitch up.
  10. Howard wasn't to blame for the Selhurst heartbreak. The ref had his F.A orders.Bloody London elite.
  11. Just want to weep thinking of Howard. Where's our young dynamic manager that Madame promised us?
  12. I hope that lady still goes who sits at the front about half way line. She gives the liner grief.She's more fight in her than most Rovers fans.
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