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  1. This is great. It's the most ill conceived attempt at getting public sympathy I think I have ever seen. Prescott may have had Bulimia, but he has certainly over come it! All this says to me is that Gordon Brown will be ousted by his own party within weeks and the candidates to succeed him are already starting their popularity campaigns. It's going to be a great summer!
  2. Livebait is OK, better food at Simply Heathcotes around the corner. Sams chop house is still the best place to eat in Manchester with it's charm and good honest English food. Piccolino's is good for italian as is Croma opposite it. Armenian Tavern is a good shout, not necessarily romantic though. Juniper in Altrincham is good, but very expensive (Michelin star). The yang sing is till just about the best chinese although anywhere in China town is pretty good. Stock is very good, and probably a bit more along the line sof what you are looking for. It's the old stock exchange building between king street and market street. Very good wine list.
  3. I told you I didn't have any science to back it up.....
  4. Surely that is not true? There are serious concerns over the viability of polar bears because the ice packs are melting earlier and earlier and not spreading as far south as they used to. I have no science to back up that statement, but if there is more ice than ever, surely the polar bears would not be under threat? Simple way to cure global warming is to plant more trees. You can produce as much CO2 as you want if you have enough trees to convert it back into oxygen.
  5. Just to endorse Cheeky Sidders thoughts on the Flashman series of books by George McDonald Fraser. They are top drawer reads and historically very close to the truth. Try to read them in order if you can. A very entertainng insight into how the british ran their campaigns during the expansion of the empire.
  6. Elvis Presley is the undoubted King of Rock and Roll. With Elvis, there would be no Rolling Stones, no Beatles, no Doors, no Led Zepp, nothing. Every Ipod shoud have Elvis's greatest hits on it. It should come pre-installed!
  7. Has anybody played The Elder Scrolls on the X-box 360? I get very bored with shoot em ups and platform games and fancy something a bit different.
  8. I've heard of the Police, but I've never had any dealings with Interpol.
  9. I woudl echo that he new white stripes album is excellent. I have also got the Editors Album, which is the best thing I have heard in a while. If you are as old as me, then imagine crossing Joy Division with the Smiths. It really is an excellent album.
  10. I've just finished Royal Flash, one of the Flashman novels by George Macdonald Fraser. Very entertaining and historically humourous. The way he works the chararcter into actual historic events is brilliant. I've also jsut finished Stephen Fry's autobiography - Moab is my Washpot. A very open and frank account of his childhood, his sexuality and his criminality. Did you know he served time for credit card fraud? It is very well written and never even begins to wallow in self pity or make excuses. It is also quite funny in places.
  11. I bought the Kings of Leon's new album on tuesday - Because of the Times. If you liked the first two, you'll like this one as well. They have a unique sound all of their own. As for the Beatles - the most over rated band ever.
  12. The FA have paid off Sven. What they have to assess is the cost of paying off McLaren against the drops in revenues that they will recive from their major sponsors if England do not qualify for Euro 2008. Those losses will dwarf the cost of getting rid of McLaren, so financially it is a no brainer.
  13. Dyer is an ordinary player in a very ordinary Newcastle team. No way should he be getting a look in ahead of the likes of Bentley. Where have all the Alan Shearer type strikers gone? Are we all now so obsessed with pace that a big hard horrible centre forward is impossible to find? Roberts for England?!
  14. A staggeringly inept display last night. You have Ashley Cole and Aaron Lennon playing out wide, two of the fastest players in the premiership, and between them they took on a man three times all game. Surely a professional sportsman, who is renowned for his pace, can skin a plumber over 10 yards? All you have to do is knock it past him and run. But no, they stop, play the safe ball back, and it all starts again. Did Rooney get the ball and run at a player once all night? We should be able to beat a bunch of part timers using individual skills alone, let alone as a collective team. Maclaren has simply got to go.
  15. Just read this on the Guardian transfer rumours page (Which is very good by the way): With West Ham, Newcastle and Chelsea all buzzing around Matthew Upson like flies around a corpse, Birmingham City chairman David Gold has promised manager Steve Bruce that he'll do everything in his power to hold on to the centre-half, no matter how much money is offered. "We will do anything we can to keep him," he yawped barbarically, beating off yet another suitor with one of those giant rubber dildos with which he made his fortune.
  16. Good luck to him. A player of his ability on £60k a week, he'd be a mug not to. We've had good service from him, but with cash in the bank we can probably get somebody almost as good for less money than he would have wanted. It will however be pointless him trying to say that he has gone there for any reason other than money. He will be off at the end of the season from West Ham if they get relegated, that's for sure, having more than doubled his salary in the meantime that somebody else will have to beat to get him.
  17. Bear with me on this one. Big Club are about to sign a new shirt sponsor deal, replacing Lonsdale with a proper football brand. The guy doing the deal on behalf of the new sponsor is a friend of mine, who has been in football for many years and is pretty well connected. He was with Steve Bruce yesterday discussing the finer points of the new deal. Apparently, both Rovers and notlob have been tapping Dunny up for over 6 months. Rovers basically wanted him for free, whereas Bolton were happy to pay a bit. Bruce being the good bloke that he is and well disposed to Rovers, said that Rovers would not get him for so long as there was a hole in his ar$e. Hense the jiggery pokery around who is paying what and when. Rovers have got him as cheaply as possible. The amusing thing is that Bruce and Alllardyce are actually quite good friends, so much so that yesterday morning, Dunny was actually training with the Bolton squad! They were convinced that he was going there. Luckily for us, his agent is Willlie Mackay. If you ever shake his hand, count your fingers afterwards. He was still keeping Rovers warm in the background and as soon as the Bolton deal was finalised, all Rovers had to do was beat it, and Dunny was ours. Accordingly, Mr Bruce is currently at a higher level of agitation than even I thought possible! Details are likely to remain undisclosed, but it is basically a few thousand extra quid in signing on fees that secured the deal. I for one am very happy with the deal. He is capable of great things and if he is ever going to realise his potential, then Mark Hughes seems likely to be the very chap that gets it out of him. And we ###### off Bolton and Big Club into the bargain. Happy Days.
  18. And you've seen all the contracts to make that call have you? We had sell on clauses for Duff and Beattie so no reason to suspect that Dunn would be different. Whilst I'm sure Dunny would prefer to play for Rovers, he is not that bright and is as mercenary as the rest of them. His agent will be doing all the dealings for him and his sole objesctive will be to drive Dunn's value up. If we get him, it's because we have paid top dollar for him, end of story. Let us not forget though that we are only talking about £1m. If he signs and is a total failure, chances are we would still get £500k from some other mug prepared to give him a go. He has international honours and is a recognised talent, that just needs to perform more regularly. Haven't Sheff U just paid £3m for John Stead? You can't tell me that relative to that, Dunn is a gamble at £1m.
  19. In fairness, if you are prepared to watch a band called Deicide, you do rather deserve everything that you get!
  20. Well there is a new Gomez album out called How we operate. It's very good, so if you like their brand or bluesy rock and roll, then get it bought, you won't be disappointed.
  21. I'd very happily take take two Shearers, two Owens, two Rooneys or two Henrys thank you very much. The reason that clubs have complimentary strikers is because they don't have two of the same! Two Benni's would probably amount to about half the work rate of a Bert, but double the offsides of leagues 1 and 2 put together.
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