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  1. 'So, once in a while you fancy a gentleman?'

  2. Thanks, den.... i've my fingers crossed!

  3. Aye, that's a reflection on Hagi's dodgy management skills, not Toogs
  4. hone those management skills, Toogs--- polish up that CV and get yourself up to Lancs. I'd love to see him manage our Rovers!
  5. That October I made my first visit to Ewood to catch a Rovers/Arse match that finished 1-4, IIRC. Maybe my presence added to that year's malaise.
  6. nice catch MB.... the billiard room definitely gives him away--and is there any doubt which is the most beautiful shirt up on that wall????
  7. damn.... cannot see this clip outside the UK
  8. you'll have to ask MikeB that one. :)

  9. nice contribution.. certainly better than reading all the speculation from most educated ppl. the thread reads quite a bit like the summer transfer thread..... much blathering about nothing.

  10. Thank you to all those that posted snaps. much appreciated. Wish I could be there amongst you tonight
  11. Mum -- The scene you describe is a very touching but truly sad & beautiful scene. Would it be too morbid to ask someone to snap a picture of this scene at Jack's status for those of us that are too far away to pay our respect in the manner we'd like? Cheers, B/W
  12. I know what you guys are going thru--I got hold of the news at 10:30 Eastern Time Sunday. I immediately read thru the 12+ pages (at the time) of this thread, desperate for more info I checked into all sorts of news outlets --but to no avail. A horrible feeling overcame my stomach, like something had bore a hole thru it. The breaking point came as I reviewed the Facebook page they'd set up in memoriam. One viewing of the snap w/ his lad broke my heart. I tossed and turned until 3:30 ET... in fact, i'm still sickened by it. These things are not supposed to happen in a supposed 'civilized' culture. Still, I apologize if my feelings have invaded this post --just wanted to share my feelings with Rovers' supporters. I just hope that JT's family obtain peace and tranquilitiy during this horrible time.
  13. I can provide that book a good home, RTH. LEmme know if it's still available! cheers, b/w
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