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  1. On 14/10/2020 at 19:33, MCMC1875 said:


    The parking bays were the backyards of the houses on Nuttall Street which Rovers bought to enlarge the ground.

    If you had a front garden and decided to put your wall down the middle, you would still own the bit on the other side.

    You've had an email from Cowell admitting that the club might own the parking bays. Get someone to explain this to you Chris.

    The backstreet is reasonably tidy. The eyesores are the parking bays which the club have ignored for 10 years. 

    When the houses on Nuttall Street were being demolished, a body was was dug up in one of the backyards between Tweed Street and Kidder Street which briefly halted the work and led to a murder investigation. 

  2. On 07/02/2020 at 16:57, Parsonblue said:

    I totally agree with much of what @Miller11 wrote about last night's meeting.  Both Mowbray and Waggott come across exceptionally well and clearly have the club at heart.  For the first time since the owners took over there is a positive vibe about the place.  I think both were very upfront about the situation and they seem to be putting the foundations in place to take the club in the right direction.  

    I think from last night it's clear that the owners are here for the long term and that Mowbray and Waggott have their confidence and are likely to be here for some time to come.  Personally, I'm quite happy about that, as I think both Mowbray and Waggott are doing a decent job, whilst I accept that some aren't.

    I don't care whether they are good honest people, come across exceptionally well or have the club at heart. Waggott, Mowbray and all other managers under Venkys have been bang average or worse. We have been in the play off places for one hour.

  3. 27 minutes ago, JoeH said:

    Main one would be:

    The Final Countdown - Europe.

    We've always gone back to that over the years, the club posted a vote on this subject a couple of seasons ago, suggestions were made and fans chose their favourites. That would be a great place to start for some statistical data on Rovers walk out music history.

    Only if you like Europe and you're about 20.

  4. 26 minutes ago, DE. said:

    TM has never been able to balance a squad properly, going all the way back to his Celtic days when he was playing six strikers at once. Not saying he should be completely removed from the transfer process but should certainly not be in charge either. Same with contract renewals - his opinion should carry some weight, but he's made too many expensive mistakes (Mulgrew & Smallwood the most obvious ones at present) to be the decision maker. Ideally should have some kind of DoF above him doing the more cerebral stuff, leaving Tony to concentrate on the footballing side of things.  

    All on the wing? ? In short, Mowbray has too much power.

  5. 43 minutes ago, Mattyblue said:

    I think what makes this even more poignant is the fact he’s now a bona fide Blackburner too, along with his family.

    A lot of legends, your Shearers, Kennys etc, come and go and you just have memories (great one’s like!). Tony spent not just 35 years at the club, but lives amongst us too. Anybody that lives around Wilpshire and Brownhill can testify to that.

    He lived back to back to our house in Langho!

  6. On 02/02/2020 at 07:21, philipl said:

    I am hard at work here in the office. Looks like we are going through the £1m mark for new invoiced business moving people and businesses out of the UK since the General Election result. Sales prospects list is huge.

    Hate Brexit with a passion but it does have a silver lining.

    Can't be that busy - you're always mucking about on ere.

  7. 8 hours ago, Mike E said:

    Bright side:

    No more excuses. Anything that goes wrong in the UK is now the fault of our Government and poor policy. It always was anyway, but now there's no EU myths to cling to.

    Good point. We had 4 tiers of government: local, county, national and European. Too many. Now we have 3.

  8. 1 hour ago, Miller11 said:

    Venky’s own 99.9% of Blackburn Rovers. Those shares equate to a value of £180 million on their books.

    £20 million a year is chicken feed, pun intended, to them. Putting in this money presents no problem whatsoever. Their core business interests are doing very nicely, their wealth is growing. If they throw another 20 million a year at it for the next ten years, all that means is their club is now valued at £280 million. It’s not like they need the cash for anything else. Balaji will still be able to buy loads of flash motors, and Madame can have all her taps done out in solid gold. 

    Liquidating the club and writing off the “investment” can’t be a viable option at the moment. They’d wipe the best part of £200 million off their net worth overnight. They don’t need to worry about money, they are concerned with their massive wealth.

    Obviously it’s not sustainable indefinitely. But I don’t think we are anywhere near that point. Promotion would give them one exit strategy. The other option I suppose is the very very long game, which they seem totally ill equipped for, and would be miserable for us. Cutting their losses would be a very drastic last resort. I don’t think even they have the slightest inkling into what their long term plan for the club is.

    The cat's vet's bills?

  9. 15 hours ago, Mattyblue said:

    Yet when we played Wigan they didn’t bother with the surcharge even though numbers were much bigger than usual.

    The pie’s must’ve all gone before the players had even warmed up.

    That Wigan game - they put a promotion offer on and there's no Fosters in the Fosters Fan Zone. Shambles.

  10. 11 hours ago, Scotland1 said:

    What was his budget? Buttons compared to mowbrays mega shop infact are we even sure he signed the players but chaddy you seem to know the budget? Let’s be honest here Coyle arrived by HSH (Dave Sheron) also whom came was Joao, Hendrie, Stokes all HSH clients.

    Mowbray is apparently HSH, Jordan Jones who we are now linked with is HSH albeit via a solicitor type the same who signed off Hendrie and co, Peter Whittington HSH, Harry Chapman HSH, Smallwood is HSH. 

    We also seemingly can not shake of Simon Conning Premier/Crown football and his boat full of shit players; Luke Varney, Cristian Walton, Sam Gallagher, Ryan Nyambe, Tommie Hoban, Anton Forrester, Ben Brereton.

    And they’re just the ones of the top of my head. How many would you have in your 11?! For the records messers Sheron, Craig Honeyman, Stephen Horner are all ex SEM under he who shall be named as Jerome.

    I couldn’t give two flying f***ks if a manager wears shorts or does a Pulis and dons a baseball cap. It’s hardly the constructing base of a discussion!

    No idea on why Warnock isn’t here after Cheston and Co but strongly suspect it’s on align somewhere with the above track records. If it smells fishy it probably is.

    ....and Lambert was brought to the club by Horner (HSH).

  11. On 13/01/2020 at 21:29, bob fleming said:

    This. Along with 4000’s post. Why buy two strikers for so much money if it was never the intention to play them both, in their normal position at the same time? Why buy so many midfielders when apparently there isn’t one amongst them that can play the Dack role? 

    Fully understand that you go with one up front when Dack is fit, but don’t we “need to have different ways of playing”?

    Putting Brereton and Gallagher out wide does neither of them any favours - evidently. I’ve said it for months (not on here admittedly!) but no defence would fancy playing against Graham and Gallagher with a team whipping crosses into the box. Or Arma, maybe even Brereton would benefit from playing with a strike partner (why haven’t we even tried this?). We just don’t have that in our locker it would appear. Downing can cross a ball though. Rankin Costello? Chapman? But your limiting your options when there’s only one striker to aim at.

    I’d go 4-4-2 and to hell with it. Get organised, disciplined, stick to the system and let the other team worry about us for a change. Wide men drop back in when we don’t have the ball and help the full backs / midfield. 

    Far too sensible for Tone and doesn't allow for any use of his tombola drum. Mowbray out. Bob Fleming in today.

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