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  1. Like any sensible person he would want to see want City have to offer. He also knows that this will force Chelsea to decide if they want him.
  2. Do thsi mean that when we do come to next look for a manager you believe we can only got for out of work managers? That we cant look at managers in the championship etc who may want to move their career on. And who the hell are we to be going round looking at players who are contracted to other clubs, how dare we.
  3. Or get the squad from the official site and get Rovers to select from: Friedel, Neill, Khizanishvili, Todd, Gray, Emerton, Tugay, Savage, Pedersen, Bentley, Dickov, Enckelman, Kuqi, Mokoena, Thompson, Reid, Bellamy, Nelsen, Matteo, Jansen, Taylor, Peter. http://www.rovers.premiumtv.co.uk/page/New...~757912,00.html Fancy beleiving the ultra un-reliable BBC for the squad.
  4. I am not eager to sell the naming rights to our ground. But if it was to supply us enough income to significantly improve our situation I would support it. Afterall, a name is a name. What is important is the club. Any why does people expressing their own opinions mean that the messageboard is going downhill, As long as they are relevant and senseible then if anything it is the message board going uphil. downhill is when people start moaning when people disagree with them. ON Topic, IF we could get significant revenue for selling our naming rights AND it was with a reputable and suitable company AND if the money would be spent on improving our league situation Then I would support it. I go to watch Rovers, not to sit in Ewood Park.
  5. You would also end up walking with a limp. ;-) And the Soul of the club in my eyes is not the ground. It is the fans
  6. I can see why the potential ISA want to ensure that they are not though of as being BRFCS. This topics has fast descended from a sensible dicussion to near insults of people for expressing their views, all within a page. Anyway, on topic. We all would like Ewood to remain known in all media etc as Ewood but I am sure the majority here would put the future of the club before something like a name. If we could get good amount (and not a pittance) for renaming the ground to re-invest into the club I would be for it (as long as the sponsor was a reputable and decent one). As much as we may not like it, money talks in football. A name such as Ewood park doesnt, except among the clubs own fans who wouldnt use the new name anyway. It will be allways Ewood Park to rovers fans.
  7. I am glad to see that you can put your point across with no rudeness Even if you have signed up correctly and the test were sent correctly that is not gaurantee that you will always get the text immediately/quickly. Due to how a GSM mobile network works messages may take, dependant on operator, days to arrive if an error occur during initial sending (the retry systems in a network are quite complicated). Finally, dont criticise the club for something just becuase you didnt get a service that requires a ) you to have signed up to it correctly b ) your netowkr to work correctly. There are plenty of other issues that could occur so perhaps next time so should not make comments as above but post something a little less accusatory (and rude).
  8. I would think that the BRISA having a messageboard on their website should be discussed at an eleceted comittee. As we have seen here their are already factions within this messageboard and some who will not use this mesageboard. It may be best for an ISA to be careful, at least at first with ideas such as this. Perhaps a messageboard purely on ISA news would be ok. But leave general rovers gossip etc on an place independant of the ISA. Also, it has been previously stated that the ISA will be independant of BRFCS. If they launched their own messageboard it may draw a lot of BRFCS members onto it and the ISA may then been seen as being to closely linked to what was BRFCS.
  9. Those complaining about the make up of the founding group have no reason to complain or not join. They were a group who were actually arse*d to get of their backside and set in motion the creation of a Rovers ISA. They have stated that they are willing not to force themselves onto the comitte as it will be a democratically elected comittee voted for by the ISA members. An ISA gives all fans a voice and all have a chance for their say. The groundwork has been put in place and I cannot believe people are already trying to complain about it. Don' complain, ask to join, become part of it and have a say. Find someone to put you up for comittee if you feel none on it share your vision.
  10. Do you want brfcs members to start to spread the word now, or leave it to you so you have times to ensure all is right with your website etc. i.e use brfcs members to test run things before you start to spread the word?
  11. Is there any reason that this is the only rovers forum that this has been mentioned on? Surely for best penetration and initial succes of the ISA you would want to esnure the widest spread of fans. If you are not careful, some Rovers fans who use other forums and have "issues" with brfcs.co.uk may see the ISA as being a brfcs lead organisation and therofore will not want to get inlvolved. Hopefully you will soon have your own site and will search the web for all rovers relateed forums and post on them and perhaps asks fusers here to email you the details of other forums etc they use so you can spread the word as wide as you can before a clique is formed.
  12. We wont have the chance as we have no representation at the hearing. http://www.breakingnews.ie/2005/04/21/story199059.html
  13. When was the last time either of them got sent of doing that?
  14. Was he bought as a centre half or is this were Hughes saw him playing. Yes he may have been a centre half at previous clubs but perhaps Hughes bought him to play in the holding role.
  15. hes not injured but on the advice of his doctor he has been given the rest of the season of to rest. Not sure of the full story, sure someone here can enlighten us.
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