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  1. Nice pull back assist from Nyambe for an unpicked up Brereton who scored.
  2. Looks that way. But with Mowbray, perhaps the formation is the last thing pulled out of the tombola, just as the players are leaving the dressing room for the pitch.
  3. Mowbray's gaslighted Raya. He's gaslighting Nyambe. One year he blamed the defeats on Lenihan being out injured. This year we lost because Ayala was out. The Travis that's reported as out on the field now, I don't recognise as the player who forced his way into the team. He's there, paraphrasing Mowbray's words, to 'kick someone'. He had the opportunity to sell Williams and didn't. I think he had the same chance with Evans. Mowbray blamed fans for forcing him to play Nyambe. The player whom he said was going to be out for months with a hamstring. RB Leipzig let fans choose the team,
  4. @WIR Second ComingStrangely enough, I was imagining Clint, as Dirty Harry, speaking my post as I was writing it. In 1998 we beat Coventry 5-1 at Ewood Park and lost that season's return fixture 5-0. This season we best them 4-0 ... @roversfan99Mowbray and co being fired will not offset the pain a loss today will cause, but it will certainly help.
  5. The unanswered question posed by one poster to another. If we fell to 16th, would you fire Mowbray? (like we did Bowyer) We're now 16th. Well, would you?
  6. Happy with a point against a team we should beat quite handily had we any real aspiration of a top 6 finish.
  7. I would agree that Hughes does need take a step into the Championship. I'm convinced that after Hughes kept both QPR and Southampton in the Premier League that a bigger club would step in and hire him away. Walking away from Fulham, despite Hughes' acknowledgement that it was wrong, would not have been taken well by potential hirers. A more practical reason why they didn't swoop for him is that it takes, in my opinion, a different set of skills to keep a team up than it does to qualify for those European places. Our owners tell us that they are ambitious. Grandiose ambitions, I'm thinking
  8. I'd imagine the wage negotiations are 'complex' and time consuming. That's assuming anything is going on, like that. I realise that absolutely nothing may be going on, with anyone.
  9. I haven't checked Hughes' record as manager, but I suspect you're gaslighting him. Hughes acknowledged that he shouldn't have walked away from Fulham. I think he'll still see himself as an ambitious manager. Take a gander at the top five teams in our division. None of their managers had managed in English league football before taking up their appointments. Wolves brought in a manager from Portugal, got promoted and have been there ever since. Leeds went and sourced Bielsa, a top manager whom nobody would have thought would be interested in our Championship. Your view of the Ch
  10. You are correct. looking at the history of games Coventry beat us 1-0 in a replay in 2009. We've played 38 times; Coventry lead the series 17:15.
  11. You are correct. 3rd round FA Cup 2008: 4-1 drubbing at home. I feel a similar scoreline is coming tomorrow (that's a guarantee it won't! Mercer should back the scoreline, just to be on the safeside.)
  12. Not sure what point that was. He never looked like he was trying to prove a point. Always said we weren't in a relegation battle, even though we were. Mowbray's gone from suits to tracksuit on the sidelines. Should have kept the same tracksuit top with the initials OC on them. We're as Off Course now, as much as we always were under the 'outstanding candidate'.
  13. Even the blemishes on Hughes' CV can't hide the fact that he kept both QPR and Southampton up. Whether he'd have done so again, we'll never know. He's had the time to recharge his batteries. That has to be positive. We aren't going to get a manager with no blemishes on his CV. Venkys haven't recruited a manager who was currently a manager at another club. I don't see that changing this time. @joey_big_noseThat's the sense I get, too. That Hughes has something to prove. I was surprised Hughes took the QPR job. I reckoned that QPR side had more ego than talent. So, yes, I can see
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