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  1. Including last season, Derby have lost 7 straight. Yes, we beat two poor teams emphatically. That's the rub. In previous seasons, we'd have contrived to beat both 2 -1 clinging on, in injury time, trying to preserve our lead and just managing it. Why are those of us who have called for Mowbray's head supposed to be unhappy now we're winning and winning well? Mowbray's playing players in their correct positions, pressing and 'on the front foot'. It's how he used to have a team play football, when he managed West Brom. Perhaps the emergence of Dolan has been the catalyst.
  2. Great result. Not so great that we have picked up another injury. In the playoff positions!
  3. If you're in a team that won 5-0 last time out, you'd expect to start the next match. Sure, Mowbray keeping the same team is such a rarity that it's worthy of comment. I don't ascribe motives of contract issues with Nyambe. I'd have preferred Nyambe in and Bell out, but I don't get to pick the team. I'm certainly ticking the 'keep the same team, consistency' box. A lot of of us want Mowbray to play a settled side and can hardly criticise him for doing what we want. Last week, I think, set the standard Mowbray wants. If players meet those, they'll keep the shirt. If others want to get in t
  4. You're entitled to your view. It is, however, a fact that Raya won the Golden Gloves with Brentford, last season. If you're crowing about a defence that conceded 63 goals, you're in far more of a murky hole than @Angry_Pirate . It is fact that Walton was personally responsible for goals that cost us points. Mowbray would have slagged off Raya each and every time. He only did it once to Walton, presumably because Brighton told him not to. How many goals? My own feeling is that it was 10 goals and 10 points. It's the sort of stat @JoeH might have to hand. Like you, however, I don't feel com
  5. It would appear, reading what Mowbray has said about transfers, that Venkys have approved either one more player in on a transfer or a couple in on loans. The article didn't read like money in from sell-ons would change his transfer budget. If Ryan Manning is the LB, we're set to sign, we should. For this stage of the season, including the U23s, our injury list is more than a little alarming. We've what, 10 players injured? Mowbray did talk about wanting a second goalkeeper, a second CB, a CM and CF. Win at Derby and/or more injuries and Mowbray may have a chance of getting more from
  6. Thanks. I was scrolling through pages on google getting more and more frustrated at not being able to find the answer.
  7. Mowbray wouldn't comment on a transfer, whoever we're signing. The contrast between how Mowbray talks about Bell as compared with Nyambe couldn't be more stark.
  8. Gallagher has no wish to be a winger, just to be played as a striker. Last January, we won 5-0 away at Sheff Wed with just as fine a performance. Many claimed it was the start of a new dawn. Sadly, it wasn't. Today should therefore come with a 'health warning'. There are some differences. This was the third successive such performance. A Blackburn Rovers scored a hattrick. I can't remember the last time that happened. I was not pleased that Nyambe got left out or that Brereton was taken off. I thought there was a goal for Brereton in the game today. I don't think Chapman offered anyt
  9. Your comment had no business in this thread. Try keeping your mind, such as it is, out of the gutter.
  10. So you don't think they'll all be substituted during the match, do you?
  11. Yes. That would be Mowbray's way. I can see that entire midfield being pulled off at some point.
  12. Change his name by deedpoll to Bennett. In the LT article about his team selection against Newcastle, Mowbray said he wasn't going to protect any player from getting injured.
  13. Mowbray treats them like schoolboys, so it's no real surprise they act like it, from time to time. Mowbray micromanages everyone and everything on the pitch. If he doesn't tell someone to organise the defence, they won't. Sure better players help, but it's down to Mowbray and I don't see him changing.
  14. The appointment of Coyle instead of Warnock was no laughing matter. It would have been us promoted and not Cardiff.
  15. JRC is not a RW of a front 3. His natural position is as RH.That is the position he made his own in the U23s. I think Whiteman is too like Travis for them to play well together. You're sick of playing people out of position, yet want us to sign a midfielder to play out of position, whilst Travis is out injured.
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