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  1. It's hard to describe how his death has made me feel. I respected him as a person and a manager. Italia 90 was definitely an inspiration, but his passion rubbed off on everybody. He was a fan of football and would never accept lazy players or foul play. He was also a rarity in that he successfully managed abroad. When my 2 boys are older I will definitely make sure they understand how Sir Bobby put together arguably the best England team since '66, and gave us one of the most emotional World Cups ever. A true loss to football and the world as a whole. RIP Sir Bobby - you were an inspiration.
  2. robborover

    Rovers Songs

    Oasis - Champagne Supernova
  3. robborover

    New Songs

    nah that wouldn't go. what songs did mk dons have?
  4. robborover

    New Songs

    to the tune of incey wincey spider: Incey's Blackburn Rovers climbed up the Premier League?
  5. Link to more news Football 365 is saying that it was a group event and that the girl was happy to be called a "good ****" (use your imagination). I guess the major consequence of this will be Fergie's wrath. I think your right Philipl. Rumour is that the players 'selected' their favourites from the wannabe WAGS.
  6. Cocker, it's fair to say that (from the photo) you are a better dressed person than Ped.
  7. LEGEND. Thanks for the memories Uncle Jack! RIP.
  8. I agree, many bands influence change, but not neccessarily a good one. Also, many think that Nirvana/grunge led to the Brit-Pop era. I think it all leads on. Especially between our music and America's. At the moment i'd say we're in a peak of British music. So watch out for depressed teenagers in black t-shirts in the near future
  9. is this it is a great album, not sure if it's "one of the best albums etc..." but i think it definitely changed the way many bands form their melodies. the same goes for the monotone singing by julian casablancas. i agree about the NME Macky. waste of money. bring back the melody maker!
  10. i've got it on the 360. great game, graphics and depth. but you have to devote yourself to it or you'll lose the enjoyment. the achievements are good as well as they relate to the game so you can't get them all quickly. it's like final fantasy but you can melee and make spells, pick locks etc...
  11. I watched the liverpool game yesterday when gerrard slapped that bloke and realised that if he had been sent off then he would be suspended in the premier league for 3 matches. Surely this almost means you can kick the hell out of everyone in friendlies as the ref will be slated if he actually dared to give you a red? I agree with you flopsy. refs need more support and less criticism.
  12. There's no problem, he's not going anyway! "ooh rovers have bought a striker (rigters) and we need something to fill 10 lines..... how about benni storms off?... yeah that'll do!"
  13. why do you have to respond to an article with no proof anyway?
  14. how could they lie? surely he would be seen somewhere (being a footballer and all).
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