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  1. Have you a link to this - I can't find it on youtube
  2. I was at every home game he played and he was never more than average, mostly shocking. Was glad to see the back of him.
  3. Hi everyone I'm Steve, mid 40s, my first Rovers games were in the mid 1970s - 2 matches over a bank holiday weekend. Both home wins - 4-1 vs York City and 1-0 vs Carlise United, although my memory isn't the best. I remember all the old 3rd/2nd division days with fondness - fighting off promotion every season...Garner was God! Brotherston Sadly missed... I fondly (!) remember 2 seasons in a row losing 3-0 at Shrewsbury, or how about two trips to Portsmouth (Two draws), or two Batterings at Charlton (The Valley and Selhust Park). Obviously I've lived through the Promotion season, the first s
  4. They have gone to a decent guy who is a programme collector.
  5. Hi all I have a small collection of Rovers programmes from the early - mid 1980s. There are roughly 20 of them. Not mint condition - writing on some. Anyone who want them can have them free - just pay the postage - I'm in Northampton. If you can collect come and get them! I'd hate to bin them. Let me know asap Steve
  6. If things carry on like this I think Mr Hughes deserves freedom of the city. When you think of the doom and gloom everybody felt whe he was appointed, and the transformation now, it is amazing! I actually said to my Mrs today.... "That's it, one-nil. We don't concede goals anymore, we'll win this!" Sure enough another clean sheet. A proven goalscorer is needed for next season, not that we should get rid of anyone in the squad. Kevin Philips anyone? Think about it...
  7. If everyone just ignores any posts that the Brummie git makes, he will soon go away!
  8. Simon Garner - I would have loved to have seen him and Shearer together in attack. Thatwoul've been something!
  9. I wouln't worry about losing him guys, he was bloody rubbish anyway. Both Tommo and Savage are better players than he was ever going to be. Once a bottler always a bottler!
  10. Don't forget everybody that although the situation seems bad we have just played three of the probable top six. We almost beat United. We should have had a point from Southampton. We battered West Brom. We could easily have had 5 more points. We have as much pace (if not more now that 'statue' Yorke has gone) as we had last season. We seem to be able to play well when it matters - when we were in peril last season for example. I thought we were doomed and I had almost given up hope when we were behind at half time against Fulham. Our team is not as bad as we seem to think. We needed a chan
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