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  1. Talks took place over the ground share and Burnley didn't go with the idea, probably because Colne would then have been a conference club and Burnley a 4th division club. At that time there wasnt a huge difference In the gates either. When Burnley didn't agree to the ground share Colne couldn't go up to the conference due to an inadequate ground.
  2. Under 21s at home to Leicester down at the academy today at 1230pm, if anyone's at a loose end.
  3. One of those players that was quicker with the ball than without it. Pleasure to watch.
  4. Lewis Mansell is a good 18months at best from being ready for the first team, some potential there without doubt, but a long way off. I imagine young players having training sessions with the senior players is common practice.
  5. Yeah absolute classic that one, you broke the roof and threw it down onto your own fans, then became invisible after the game? That would be the same season you went down and didn't resurface for 17 years ??
  6. id say your in with a shout there presty, although i gave up with anything over a treble a long time ago, always thinking about the one who let you down, ive had about 12 trebles up so far this season and tomorrow ive gone for......... Blackburn to beat Middlesbrough 8/11 Coventry to beat Burnley 6/5 Stoke to beat PNE 4/6 A £10 stake on that returns you 63.33 with Betfred.
  7. I don't see that being a problem den, ill clear it with him tomorrow and let you know.
  8. Always amazes me how lads like Gary Stopforth can go from captaining the reserves, which says to me not to far away from being considered for first team.. to playing non-league football within a week. Also i still play football with Kevin Hird on a regular basis, and I think we should resign him to play in the middle V Bolton on Sunday... ( Yeah he told me to say that). He says he will have a look on here as well in the not to distant future.
  9. Gary Stopforth who captained the Reserves a number of times is now at Clitheroe, along with Joel Byrom if this hasn't already been mentioned.
  10. Just been on SSN that Wigan have slashed ticket prices to 20 quid for a Cat A and 15 quid the rest, for the remainder of the season!!!! junior pay 15 for cat A and 10er for the rest !! Fair play wigan
  11. Cracking little win today £91.34 for a £10 stake....... NEWCASTLE to beat Watford.. WBA to beat Coventry MK DONS to beat Wycombe Ross co to be beaten by GRETNA. Pays for leverkusen flights !
  12. Felt like a proper football ground, that feeling has definantly gone now.
  13. At half time on Saturday i found myself looking round ewood and picturing the old "ground" was nearly in tears, obviously being a young un i cannot picture it pre - walkersteel stand, although i did go. Does anyone know if the pitch was moved at all during the reconstruction because i always thought it was closer to the Nuttall St than it is to the JW stand. To be honest some of my best rovers memories are of the old ground, being stood on the Blackburn End when garner smashed that into the net in the cup v Liverpool being one of them!
  14. I think the first 5 mins of the second half on Saturday sums up why i go. I was never intending to go on Wednesday V Nancy, but a mate rang me from the ticket office this morning asking if i fancied it, just can't say no!!
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