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  1. Not really. It ended up costing us 2 points.
  2. I would have thought this figure plus those who are sent their ticket automatically is about right. Bet there aren't more than 12-1500 who have two away games under their belts this season. Anyone with two stubs knows they will get a ticket so there's no big rush for them. Wednesday will be the true indicator. How many have we been given ?
  3. Hey thats not dickovs fault.Blame our ex manager Souness.At least we will see him get sacked by one of ,in his terms not mine """" the big clubs """".
  4. Mokoena promising ? what a joke. Nelson has adapting.Mokoena needs to quickly.Savage at least shows the need and determination that the coasters at our team need to start showing
  5. Really? Out of interest how many capacity home crowds have Rovers had this year? Just to clarify I mean where all the home seats have been sold, not where you give 9000 to Man U etc? Not sure if you print them in your programs but I would be interested to know just how many Rovers fan turn up to home games I would not worry to much about us selling our tickets for this one. And on the who sold most tickets arguments, dress it how you want but we sold around 7000 last time, but I'll settle for 6000 which is still nearly twice what you sold for our place. Now I accept you couldn't sell more than 3,800 - and you couldn;t even find that many that would travel the 10 miles, in a FREE luxury coach. Now you can spout the general sale nonesense but I thought you had over 10000 season ticket holders? What 30% didn;t care enough to travel and as for the ignorant banana eaters comments, just more reinforcement of the nations view of Rovers fans as bigots and racists I guess HAHA
  6. I totally agree.Souness seemed to have too many personality clashes.especially for a guy who hasnt got one lol
  7. What do you want, a medal ??? "Excuse me mister please sit down, no, ok then i'm gonna tell the steward" Oooooh you big fairy, let the stewards and police deal with it themselves. That's what they get paid for! Too right Bud
  8. Maybe his best position would be in the stands after the game .......... picking the litter up.
  9. Also the singing lol.I do wish i could afford a new keyboard
  10. The sining seemed to die with the introduction of the Drummer,,Seemed like people just wanted to end with a little chant after a few drum beats,
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