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  1. Well when you finish Batman, PS3 is also bringing out the God of War Collection, with both GOW 1 & 2 with updated graphics for PS3 capabilities.
  2. The money he earns would not include his sponsorship money, so that would lower his weekly wage from the club a bit.
  3. Saw stardust last night. Was a good movie just i went with a mate and everyone else in the pictures was couples. Haha so for future reference see it with someone of the opposite sex
  4. I'm just surprised they spelled his name right.
  5. I think he has every right to pull out, and it will be better for him long term (hopefully). How many u21 games has he played? 11? With about 7 MoM? Same with 1 england b game. What does he have left to prove except at the senior level?
  6. Toni is 30 and went for 7.5mil, without the tv money inflation we should look to see a little more for benni m if he were to leave
  7. Anyone been playing God of War II??? Pretty good so far but im at exam time so haven't been able to play it as much as i like.
  8. Well done to bentley. Quick question, why is it called a cap? I understand in criket terms because their presented with their first cap to use, but in football? Did they used to wear caps out onto the field? For the photo or something?
  9. Yorke captained the first ever a-league champions
  10. Wow, Heskey scored 9 goals this season???? When did that happen
  11. They did it, http://home.skysports.com/list.aspx?hlid=4...entley+to+shine they wrote a story about bentley and not once do they mention the "former arsenal trainee"
  12. That got me to go out and but it when i saw it cheap haha
  13. Actually ooijer would have been free in 6 months, maybe 12 at most. Most of them had 12 months left on deals tho
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