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  1. Bet most pot-heads started out on tobacco/alcohol. Probably should delegalise those too. Well the first one anyway, not sure how well I could get by without the odd drink
  2. (Officially) best ever actually Really not sure Matteo will be a defensive rock when faced with the likes of Duff and Robben. The reason he should play in certain games is down to the fact that he is a centre-back, good in the air, more determined than Gray, and won't be beaten by teams knocking egg-chasing style cross-field kicks over his head. When we're playing against teams with pace in the wide areas, Gray and Matteo are equally suspect to getting completely fleeced resulting in disastrous consequences. Personally I'd play Matteo against Chelsea, only so that Gray's confidence doesn't take a battering like last season.
  3. And didn't we sign either Blake or Ward instead of Dublin? Whew, really dodged a bullet there.
  4. Gray's performance, whilst being very welcome, was no doubt helped by the fact that MGP actually bothered tracking back and defending, unlike Bentley on the other flank. Granted Bentley did run back more than I would have expected him too, but he didn't seem to have a clue what he was up to once he got near his own box. Thought Lucas did an admirable job considering he was faced with two international wingers in Ronaldo and Richardson taking him on on his own all day. Matteo and Gresko haven't done anything wrong this season, but would still plump for Gray to start the next few games to see if he can regularly play to that standard.
  5. His name is Ricky Ponting and he put England in to bat in the second test. Seriously, Australia's batsmen have been woeful in the series, bowlers like Warne and Lee should not be top-scoring in any innings for suppossedly the best team in the world. England deserve to win 3-1.
  6. Phil, whatever people want to do in their own time is up to them, they can put whatever they want wherever they want . I'd suggest they be careful with the cones though, wouldn't want to get Flopsy too excited...
  7. It's very easy to blame any problem that happens at a football game on alcohol. These ignorant little wannabes don't cause trouble because they are drunk but because they are scum, pure and simple. People can easily have the vast quantity of seven whole pints without causing any furthur trouble for their fellow spectators than the need to stand up every five minutes so the inebriated sod can leg it to the gents. I'm a bit worried about this Wez bloke, he seems to be laughing in quite the maniacal way.
  8. Accrington Stanley? The only thing they're good for is an odd fluke result in the Cup giving them the chance to play a home game at Ewood, or the Turd for their sins. As for the kit, who cares as long as it's blue and white.
  9. Flitcroft's a good young player, hasn't quite lived up to his promise of a couple of years ago, but he still has a bit about him. Saying that he's hardly the sort of player we should be looking to sign to try and make the next step and finally win something.
  10. What I don't understand is why they've decided a country can 'only' have four teams. Needless to say a country should only have one team in the Champions League but that's beside the point. I thought a countries number of Champions League places was variable and based on their Uefa coefficient(or some such silliness) which was determined by how well teams from that country peformed in Europe. Which is why England have 4 teams in the Champions League(or at least the qualifying stages), and Holland have only 2 eligible. This of course can fluctuate(albeit at the speed of the FIFA rankings) and if PSV Eindhoven managed to win the Champions League for the next 10 years(or something), the Dutch might get 3 teams into the competition(or would they get 4, what with PSV qualifying as winners?). So, surely if English teams performed well enough, the Premier League should be able to get 5 entry level positions, and so should also be able to get an additional place if one of the Premiership clubs win it.
  11. It means Everton are out, England can only have four teams in the "Champions" League. I wouldn't worry too much about it if I was Everton, Liverpool beating Chelsea over two legs and then AC Milan is unthinkable.
  12. Middlesbrough have applied and will likely take one of the places. They seem to have enjoyed their time in Europe this year quite a bit, despite its correlation with their lengthening injury list. Rovers certainly should not apply, the Uefa Cup itself was bad enough for our league performances and confidence, we hardly need to try and compete in a qualifying tournament we have little hope of getting through. Travelling to far flung corners of Europe(not to mention Kazakhstan) to drain our players before the season has even started isn't worth the potential rewards.
  13. And Kevin Keegan Steve Archibald(I think) Chris Waddle
  14. Well presumably they do, but then that's probably due to the fact that we don't avoid any film set in another country like the plague(notable exception if the American military is blowing the crap out of the other country at the time). I know I'd much rather watch a The War of the Worlds set in south-east England than America, or, erm, Dublin, though, as that is where the book is set. The location isn't a random choice but an integral part of the story. No blockbuster screenwriter is fit to warm up HG Wells pen.
  15. I mean in the same laughable special effects and wooden sets way that make the likes of Doctor Who endearing. Can you actually imagine a 1950's film having the tripods as described in the book, how on earth would they have managed that convincingly? The new one's a 'contemporary reimagining' then? Which is Hollywood-speak for 'big pile of SFX laden crap designed to amuse slack-jawed Americans"
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