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  1. still has to rate as one of my best memories ever supporting Rovers that. What we would give for the likes of Bortherston, McKenzie, Garner, Andy Crawford et al.....................but most of all what we would give for a Manager like Howard to restore some decorum. Night God Bless Howard. RIP.
  2. Frequent sub from memory Abbey. Played for them down the road also. Night god bless Paul
  3. Remember spending some time with him and Billy in the early prem years. Couple of grand lads. RIP Dominic
  4. Not quite on a par with Stuart Metcalfe in the Navi (the Snug area, naturally !). No class that McCarthy bloke.
  5. Love the latest vid Whittle. Outstanding memories. SPEEEDDDDIE ! Legend. The Saint was right - 'there is no reason why Blackburn can't do a Leeds !' And we did - Champions just a few years later courtesy of Jack & Kenny. Who would have thought when i was stood on that terrace at Selhurst Park a lump in the throat listening to Gladd all Over where we would be just five or so years later.
  6. Remember a few of our heros like a shandy or two at the time ! Remember big col getting that hammered one FRIDAY night he was declared not fit for the saturday. Was great to be able to chat to your heros at the bar.......can't see McCarthy et al sharing a pint and a laugh and a joke with the fans now !
  7. Decent lad who was misled and ill-advised by a very greedy agent.
  8. Altogether now.......... BEAMO BEAMO BEAMO
  9. Just found the programme from the game as wanted to clarify if my memory served me well. Was in the 100 club that day and remember there still been some needle in there too. Went around and got all the players autographs and remember Paul Wood inserted 1-0 within his autograph - little s**t he was.........Garner was in fine form after the game in there - fag and bitter in hand - remember some of the Pompey officials ushering some of their players out for fear it might get a bit tasty in there.....Happy Days - when you could get up close to the players...............can't quite imagine some of our multimillionaires doing the same in the 100 club after the game.
  10. 4-1 to the Rovers. Their fans invade the pitch fronting right in front of us and gave us a nice round of applause if i remember rightly - pussy cats That was the season they got promoted with the likes of Sheringham, Jimmy Carter, Terry Hurlock etc.. Happy Days !
  11. What a Legend. An all time Rovers great. Would always oblige an autograph in the 100 club after the game - pint of thwaites in one hand - B&H pushed into his mouth so he could hold the pen with the other. My generation will talk about Garner with the same fondness that some of the older guys talk about Douglas and Clayton. Whilst he never played for England or in the top division - he was always recognised as the top centre forward outside of the then first division. How football has changed.
  12. Fair Play to Lucas - if someone offered to double my salary - think i may consider moving to ol' London town. Of course it was about the money. Like has been said he is hardly going to turn around and tell the truth is he : 'Yeah well - when Wham offered me 60k a week i nearly fell off my chair - i mean they are worse than rovers granted - but i am on guaranteed 3x more per week even if they go down so really - i would have been a bloody fool to refuse. And besides - got my agent to write a relegation clause in the contract so if they do go down - should be double bubble when some other mugs wanna pay me as much as i am on now - Happy Days !'
  13. I'm up for giving it some of that on his debut to welcome him home. Fingers crossed. I know Dunny has his knockers - but at last we have a bit of excitement at the club - have spoken to a lot of Rovers' fans who are genuinely excited about this. Would be fantastic if Dunny signs and gets off to a flyer. It would really bring the buzz back to Ewood. And once we get the buzz back - together with the intitiatives the club are making on ticket prices - can only help improve ticket sales.
  14. An old favourite can be added to the BBE's repertoire : 'DUNNY FOR ENGLAND'
  15. Exiled - Relegation also costs money. We need to invest in some pace now - both up front but more importantly at the back. Yes - we have been hit heavily by injuries - but i do believe we need a couple of additions to the squad come january if we are to avoid a nailbitng 2007. Rovers have suffered from too many matches - the revised format of UEFA Cup not helping us. The players look tired and what with our injury situation - we are struggling. Hopefully MH will address the issue in January. If he does then i am confident we will ride the storm.
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