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  1. Neil was a useful left half for the London Branch at the time he was trying to launch a solo career. Some of the trendier clubs - like City - used to chat to him about his hits at corners. Tonto turned up for his relaunch at the Marquee. He was an ever present with anything to do with the Rovers; matches, games, darts, cards and pints of bitter in the Lord Rodney's Head. I hope Jack has bought him one.
  2. Mark Wastell was one of the greatest supporters this club has had. His London address didn't stop him being a long time season ticket holder over serveral decades, and treasurer of the Blackburn Rovers London Branch pretty much forever. I had some great times playing with Tonto for the London Branch and on away trips in the late 80's and early 90's. Our friend the Marple Leaf re-posts a lovely obituary from Martin Cook here. A sad loss. http://themarpleleaf.blogspot.hk/
  3. Doubt it. My Dad knew him. Worked with him. He had absolutely no interest in the Rovers. Thought Jack was mad.
  4. That. Is quite true. The greatest strike force ever assembled. And to be fair to Our Sam he seems to have spotted that and spurned any 'benefits' from agents that may have been lurking. Straighter than has been scurrilously implied elsewhere. Had 'arry been 'ere Roque would have Rolled. How to play them? Diouf will be ever present as will Benni, and Sam will mix the long ball/holding game (Cruz) with the short/up/through game with Benni deeper and then Roberts. Seriously though. Anyone missing Hughes? Sam is already proving his superior. In sexual terms Hughes was a Dover Ferry
  5. Saw him last season on a scouting mission for a mate...and he has lost it big time. Grayson will sort him so me mate says. but he was a very very good footballer. Shame.
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