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  1. Certainly not that benrama or however it’s spelt. He was rubbish against us the other night and when he wasn’t shooting into the Darren End seats he was either moaning and shaking his head or sticking his hands into Travis’s face.
  2. The post above is from Charlton website regarding their new chairman.
  3. MATT SOUTHALL (Chairman) For the past five years, Matt has been working between the UK and Middle East advising on international mergers and acquisitions and building strong relationships with key businesses in the Gulf. Previously, he set up and ran a successful e-commerce business and was also involved in sports management, working alongside high profile sports agencies and their clients. His early ambitions were as a professional footballer but having left the Blackburn Rovers School of Excellence at 16, he opted for a career in the sports industry and attended the Universit
  4. Amen brother, he’s a joy to watch and must be such an inspiration to the young lads.
  5. Ah got you, absolutely hilarious scoreline which should bring the billy big boots fans back down to earth with a bump. ?
  6. I used the Darren End lower, I can feel the blood pressure rising, must stop thinking about it........
  7. What he gets paid and what he’s worth are two different things. Loved it when he fell on his backside against the blades.
  8. Excuse me I wasn’t negative. Before and during the game I was positivity personified, I was making a conscious effort as usually the thread is full of negativity.
  9. Had a similar problem viewing the site on my apple devices. Got an ad blocker problem solved. Just need a blocker now for that tit John Claret in his various disguises.
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