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  1. I think Corry Evans has been amazing as of late. There, I’ve said it. ?
  2. One win in ten and they are second? Jesus. Just checked and its W4 D3 L3 in their last ten league games. What are you on about? Are you allowing your dislike to affect your accuracy? https://www.footballwebpages.co.uk/league-one/form-guide/ten ?
  3. As much as I rate and appreciate Jordan for what he did for us the bit in bold is the correct statement.
  4. I’m pretty sure that Derby are viewing this season as rebuilding just like Boro are and in the first instance were amazed that they could attract Cocu. Gibson desperately wants Woodgate to succeed and is prepared to give him time for which you’ve got to applaud him. Last season both clubs were up there and I think next season they will be too.
  5. I also predicted a 0-2 result pal, something big occurred today in relation to our season as a whole. I’d love to see a 90 minute recording of the game. Having watched West Brom struggle against big clubs bullying initially today I’d suggest we can beat anyone in the division. That includes Leeds who we will smash again at home. Great post pal, great to hear from overseas fans who’s posts I would rather read than some in this country who probably have never been to Ewood. Don’t take any criticism to heart. Oh yeah, Ay Caramba......I think
  6. Johnny Cash - I Walk The Line im in a great jocular mood today, wonder why lol
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