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  1. What are the Tosin and Nyambe ones, can’t really work out the words from the Riverside?
  2. Damn, thought I'd achieved the thread killer then! Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band - We've Got Tonight
  3. Andy that’s got to be one of the most quoted song titles! Well deserved though. Carly Simon - You’re So Vain
  4. I’ve read somewhere he’s available for £15m after only featuring four times this season for the mint humbugs.
  5. Shades of Bergkamp I thought. Now he was some player.
  6. Reeks of "well Derby got away with it so why can't we?" Plus all of that financial fiddling that Leicester got away with to get promoted to the Prem.
  7. What a brilliant website that is, wish we had one like that.
  8. It were only a tenner Mick and it’s got a big number 10 on the back.
  9. Brilliant, I fully agree. Was saying the same thing yesterday in a conversation about how Leeds should be in the prem along with us. Tinpot clubs like the ones you’ve mentioned and b***ley should be in the third tier.
  10. Wow, massive crowd what a big club! Liverpool and Man U must have been on tv at the time. Pathetic plastic part time fans.
  11. Got the Garner one, I can still get in it............. just!
  12. Absolutely correct. Jordan Rhodes was lethal in front of goals and from what I remember of King he wasn’t the player then for us that he is now. Some on here have selective memories.
  13. What about ki-ora and those little packets of chocolate poppettes or whatever they were called?
  14. If the team coaches came off the motorway earlier and travelled through the luxury utopia of DARWEN they would probably think that they were in paradise and be overjoyed by the experience.
  15. I knew the maths didn’t add up lol. I’ll PM you.
  16. How were you 15 in 1980 when you’re considerably older than me? ?
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