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  1. Man U weren’t banned from the FA Cup a few years ago for doing similar though were they?
  2. Above should be That’s Alright Mama so Genesis - Mama
  3. Hey longers, season’s felicitations and all that. You’re preaching to the converted pal, I’m true blue in every way! Hope you’re clubs season is like the Christmas decorations, down by the end of January. ?
  4. No politics in the football thread please, civilisation exists on this board. Anyway you lost Ha ha, which party represents b***ley in the House of Commons now?
  5. Clicked on the link and for a split second saw the name Megan Fox which for some reason made me very excited ?
  6. My first memory of Rovers was my dad taking me in the upper tier of the Riverside stand to watch us play Carlisle, 1971 I think. I can still remember the smell of the flask of large milky coffee with a generous amount of rum in it. I was hooked from that point on. Now this season we are back in the Riverside and the flask still accompanies us!
  7. Why didn’t we play with the old orange ball? Froze my wotsits off on the Riverside that day.
  8. 14k official 11 k actual attendance. I’m going for a three nil win for us. Hope Cook gets sent off.
  9. So you never really enjoyed watching him score all those goals,really?
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