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  1. I agree and I also suspect that after all the messing about the leave vote would now be higher if there was another referendum, which there won’t be though as the people have already decided. Boris Johnson’s constant banging on about get Brexit done would appear to be paying dividends.
  2. Don’t think Gav’s worked it out yet Andy. Deep Purple - Strange Kind of Woman
  3. That’s what you get for drinking whiskey for breakfast.
  4. I see what you mean but if you wanted to give the away club 3500 then you’d open upper and lower concourses both of which have fixed barriers and then allowing for 500 seats segregation there you have your 3500.
  5. There are already big hefty metal barriers on the concourse pal. That stand was designed to be able to be split between home and away fans.
  6. So Gav has included the word “all” and so have I. “All” shouldn’t be in the next post.
  7. All it is pal is that the post shouldn’t include the same word as the two posts that precede it, simples! ? Tygers of PanTang - All or Nothing
  8. I knew there was a reason behind your clear hatred for gambling pal! My first thought was that you had gone Scottish Presbyterian or something up there ?
  9. On the positive side I suppose it’s like being there but warmer. Would be good to have the option to cut out the commentary whilst retaining the ambient background crowd and stadium noise, oh hang on that might not work if were at home though!
  10. Any comment to make Jim? Thought not. Gets a lot of stuck on here does Mercer, needlessly in my opinion. Block him if you don’t like what he posts, just because people have alternative views to one selves doesn’t mean they should have scorn and derision piled on them.
  11. Funnily enough just before the MOTM was announced I suggested Lenihan. Tosin is amazing to watch though, nothing hurries him and it’s as if he has all the time in the world. Fantastic forward passer as well, before he became established I thought that it was an unwritten rule between our centre backs that the first pass on receiving the ball should be to the other centre back.
  12. I can’t see any defence there at all!
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