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  1. Great video that and a perfect example of the six P's philosophy. interesting that at 04:48 the top of the athletic performance leader board is Ben Gladwin!
  2. Everton would have been relegated years ago if they hadn't bribed Hans Segars of Wimbledon. Allegedly of course.
  3. Good post pal, cheers. Giggs was something special wasn't he, even at that age. At 06:32 he says "I like playing at Anfield," scousers missed that one didn't they?
  4. Hi pal, please don't spell Darwen like that again or ill start referring to Scotland as Scutland. Cheers and Merry Christmas.
  5. A bad idea with good intentions. Outsiders will see this as a way to poach fans from another club.
  6. He did in fairness partly atone at Wembley in 92 though.
  7. Well if folk are that unhappy they can move to Europe then, otherwise stop moaning!
  8. Thought he’d be all over it as evidenced by his enthusiastic shall we say posting in this thread?
  9. Last minute winner by Firmino means the dream final on Saturday, also on BBC2.
  10. I wonder how many reading this thread will have never heard of half of those names? ?
  11. Dear Prime Minister, We will now, it is clear, leave the EU. Those who did not want this have lost. I understand you believe this to be in the national interest and that you have a democratic mandate for it. But I hope you can understand that for me, and my fellow signatories, it will involve a profound wrench. We will experience it as the loss of an important part of our identity. So I write to ask you, respectfully, to take up an initiative your predecessor declined to support in your negotiations on our future relationship with the EU. The initiative is for a form of Associate Cit
  12. Wheres Phil, I would have put money on him posting on here as soon as the first vote result was out?
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